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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Addams Family

Audrey Ivory

I've always loved the Addams Family and The Munsters - watching old reruns with my grandmother was a staple of my childhood! Two of the greatest people I know, Annie and Fred are the real life Morticia and Gomez - we jokingly call them this because of the beautiful couple they are and also because Annie has this fabulous sense of style so reminiscent of Morticia. I wanted to capture their love affair (they even met and fell in love working at a funeral home!!) in fantasy for a long time now... and then the idea just struck - why don't we do a halloween special with the concept? An idea was born! So many people participated in bringing to life characters from the show, it was overwhelming! Here are some of my favourite shots! 

Annie & Fred

Frank Lam & Lily Monroe

The whole family! 
Fred, Baron Von Styck, Annie, Frank Lam, Samsara Brown, Audrey Ivory
Lily Monroe. Marisa, Duyan 

Keep It Kreepy!

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