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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sweet on Erase Paste

Paste for the Pasty

Presenting Benefit's Erase Paste
Where to find it: Pharmaprix, High-end pharmacies
Use: Cover-up
Ease of use: Easy - to mess up!
Smell: Subtle makeup smell
Packaging: Hot Purple and pink with retro lettering
Price: Around 30$ - 40$

I initially tried this out based on a recommendation by a client, I was wishing out loud for an even colour-corrector that was easy and fast to use. She pulled out "Erase Paste" and I fell in love. I won't lie to you - the application can be tricky and though it is very thick and feels like you're applying sludge to the bags under your eyes - it's freaking fantastic! The best approach is to pat on very small amounts directly with your finger to all those troublesome red spots and under-eye darkness. If the colour match isn't exact - don't fret - you'll cover it up with your powder foundation creating a porcelain effect that is actually quite comfortable and beautiful. I have ridiculously sensitive skin and right away I was dreading the effect this product would have on my face, yet I was pleasantly surprised by absolutely zero irritation. Benefit is notorious for creating fun and useful beauty products (they had me at their retro packaging) - and I am thrilled to share this one with you. I combine Erase Paste with their powder foundation "Hello Flawless" for a fast and complete porcelain base for my makeup. A word of warning though - go easy on the paste, make sure not to cake it on, only apply it where needed in gentle patting motions... otherwise you'll have a caked mess to deal with! By my calculations, using the paste for my eyes, nose, chin and occasional red spots every day I'll have enough in the little jar for about 6-8 months. I'd say it's a good buy!

Final word: Buy it now!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

How to prepare for your photo shoot!

Acid Doll by

1. Do your roots!
You want to be able to leave your shoot with as many as possible great shots that don't need to be photoshopped! Something a lot of women neglect to do is touch up their roots, which later on needs to be touched up in photoshop so that their hair doesn't look cheap/tacky. I always suggest that girls who don't have the time/money for a touch-up opt for a hairstyle that hides the roots, like pin-curls, rolls that roll up and lots of flowers and feathers!

2. Nail Polish, shaving and moisturizer are a must!
These are often things easily forgotten, but can sometimes ruin a shot. Make sure your nails look fantastic and shiny, shave and pluck those extra hairs and ALWAYS moisturize your skin!

3. Practice in the mirror!
It's like a private test run! to get a nice smile and pout practice words and sounds like "hey" and "oooo" - they really only work if you say them without an ounce of seriousness. Vowels also work well (A,E,I,O,U). DON'T BE AFRAID TO LAUGH AT YOURSELF! It's part of the fun and sometimes give really great photos and it definitely helps you relax. Seeing what different sounds and expression look like ahead of time gives you confidence for the real thing on camera. You'll already know what looks good and what doesn't!

4. Hide those "trouble" spots!
If you have cellulite or leg bulge wear nude stockings! It smooths, lifts and hides. If you choose a tone that matches your skin tone that isn't too shiny you'll be the only that knows your wearing tights in your photos. You can easily wear thigh-highs over them and a garter belt. Feel silly wearing all those layers? Don't, it's the same trick burlesque dancers and showgirls use.
If you have tummy issues you can always wear a corset or suggest poses laying on your stomach. For flabby arms try lightly flexing or not raising your arms too high. For breast pudge (unfortunate result of tight corsetry and large breasts) wear a boa or ask for a shrug that might fit with your outfit.

5. Bring Backup!
Always bring backup underwear, bras, shoes and outfits and even makeup - better safe than sorry!

6. Do some research!
Find out what style you're really passionate about, which models/photographers make you drool. The more inspiration you have the clearer you'll be with your photographer about what you're looking for.

7. Eat light and bring a snack!
You don't want to be uncomfortable or bloated so don't fill your tummy. Eat light, think fruit, toast, coffee/tea and bring something a little sugary to snack on when your nerves kick in or if you get hunger pangs during your shoot.

8. ALWAYS voice your opinion!
Ask to see the photos so far, or at least ask to see the light test. Photographers do their best to make you look great, but if you have an insecurity about your facial expression/pose you want to make sure your photographer keeps you on the right track when giving you direction.

9. More is better!
When doing your own hair and makeup never forget BIGGER IS BETTER! Wear colour corrective foundations, do cat eyes and wear fake lashes! For your hair, tease the crap out of those roots, wear hot rollers & smooth out and seal your final look with pomade. Big flowers are always a plus!
Lost? Consult the many vintage/pinup enthusiasts on YouTube

1o. Have fun & pamper yourself!
That one's pretty straight forward I think! Never be shy to ask for help or direction, it will only improve your shoot and make you more confident!