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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Forever 21 Plus Size Rocks!

Today we're checkin' out Forever 21's Plus size line!!
Where to find it: It seems to be only available on the third floor of the St-Catherine/De La Montagne Forever 21 store.
Use: Clothes
Ease of use: So easy and comfy!
Smell: The jeans definitely have that gross new jean smell!
Price: Around 15$-40$

My (awesome and gorgeous) friend Yael Perez Arrived at the Bike & Tattoo Expo in this cute burnt orange and black dress that I LOVED... and I was surprised to find out that she picked it up, not only from Forever 21 but from Forever 21 in Montreal!

Yesterday I decided to check it out. I'm pretty sceptical of anything plus size, considering that in one brand I'll wear 16, in another 22... not to mention it's a plus size created by a brand that caters to thin girls (which usually means they just add 3 inches of fabric all around instead of actually bothering to size a 16+ woman)!! According to my measurements and canadian sizing I should be a size 18 or 2x. Ordering online can be hell, PUG is my ultimate hate fest. I'll order one style according to their sizing chart at 2x... when I receive it it actually measures for a 1x.... so the next time I'll order a 3x.... it's too big.... ARGH! HELL! Hello? Is anyone out there?? There's a HUGE market of plus size girls wanting to wear clothes that fit and look GOOD. So much plus size clothing just looks like a parachute with 3 holes cut out for your arms and head. Why do we have to hide our bodies? Our curves are beautiful, make us clothes that fit and look hot god damn it! But I digress, back to the review.
Going into the changing room with a pair of "skinny" jeans, expecting to be disappointed... and I was..... pleasantly surprised. A size 18 fit like a size 18... The hem was high to hide the stomach, but not too high to be classified as mom jeans... they fit properly in both my hips and thighs.... AT THE SAME TIME... they were fucking long enough!!!.... OMG these jeans must cost a fortune... nothing ever fits this good for under 90$.... WTF 21$... Are you F*&king kidding me? I almost passed out...

So I bought 3 pairs. 
Forever 21+ will you marry me?

The only thing I could complain about is that there isn't enough selection (and who the F would wear those fugly blue shorts anyway?). There are about 4 jean choices and select few tops.... However, it's a wonderful start. Thank you Forever 21+, you've restored my faith in clothing shopping.

Final word: Tell your friends! Great prices and perfect fit!!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

So I found This on the internet today...

I found this exceptional list of how to get your best glamour shot... Thankfully we don't follow these rules. Check out the whole thing HERE

"Perplexed is the new sexy, trust me"
Oh 90's, Why??

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

J.D. McPherson - North Side Gal

Simply Amazing

Speakeasy Burlesque Hommage aux Années 50 Snapshots!

Once again our Speakeasy night was a big success, check out some photos by talented Montreal photographers Argaive, Cindy Boyce and Hugo Trottier
Scarlet Diamond, Photo by Cindy Boyce

Mlle Oui Oui Encore, Photo by Cindy Boyce

Velma Candyass, Photo by Cindy Boyce

Lavender May, Photo by Cindy Boyce

Scarlet Diamond, Photo by Argaive

Lavender May, photo by Argaive

Cherie Black Diamond, Photo by Argaive

Audience participation & striptease! Photo by Argaive

Exotic Bloom, photo by Argaive

Mistress of ceremonies Bittersweet Billie, photo by Argaive

Backwards fashion show by Lavender May, photo by Argaive

Joe Henry, Musical Guest by Argaive

So I found This on the internet today...

Yup. There's so much I could say about Disney, their brainwashing of little girls and what it teaches them about men... but this meme pretty much sums it up.

Candy Nail Bar

Candy Nail Bar is so very sweet!
Where to find it: 6218 rue Saint Hubert, Montréal Qc
What: Nail care & manicures
Ease of use: So easy & relaxing!
Visual: Hot pink, black, white and crystals! Terribly girly and just lovely!
Price: From 20$ to 95$ + taxes + tip (Don't be a jerk! Learn to tip!)

I've been in love with their manicures since I first heard of them about a year ago - finally Lavender May and I had a moment off together and we decided to go. The place is fabulous & Tamara is hilarious, making the whole experience worth every penny. This salon is comfy and beautiful which makes it such a step above all the rest.... most other salons are cold and/or the colours on the wall give you headaches (because they so closely resemble barf). Tamara and her staff immediately treat you like you're one of the girls - I can't stress enough how inviting this place is (They had me at the Hello Kitty rhinestone iPhone case on display).
So pretty!

The prices are fair considering all the work that's put into your nails and they use Gel instead of acrylic powder... which if you're not aware - gel is actually more flexible so it is less likely to break. Gel also doesn't need to be filed down for a half hour like acrylic powder (sending all kinds of fumes and particles into your lungs! Yum!) AND - thank (fill in religious denomination) - gel doesn't have a horrible stench like acrylic. I don't know what you're waiting for - call and make an appointment with them right now - 514-276-7835!! Though some other salons claim 3D nail art, NO ONE does it like Tamara and her staff at Candy Nail Bar, don't be fooled - go to the best! Check out some of their work HERE.
Below you'll see a pic of my final product - the entire manicure with "pose d'ongles" (because my real nails are shorter than what's probably healthy) was 110$ (including taxes). I have 2 3D roses, 36 gems, and a black tip manicure (almost 3h of work!). I asked Tamara for the pointed nails - which I love so much but can't seem to grow on my own!
Now the real question that most people want to know whenever they spend more than 50$ on a manicure is: how do they hold up? Answer: pretty amazingly considering what they've been through. In over a week I've taken apart a set & put it back together, loaded and unloaded said set down flights of stairs and a in a truck, Shook over 300 hands, broke up a dog fight, had 2 particularly drunken bar nights, put together a last minute burlesque show, cleaned my studio, put my hands in my pockets repeatedly, answered over 200 emails (still more to go), washed dishes, picked at my nails repeatedly while on the phone/reading/etc... and dyed my hair. Damage: pretty much nothing except 3 jewels missing from my right hand. This is pretty spectacular considering I have a tendency to completely ruin a manicure in 24 hours flat. A few things I can't do with this manicure: pick my nose (honestly it's for the better of mankind), touch my hubby without tickling him (he deserves it anyway) and get my cell phone charger hooked into my phone (that last one is a bit of a problem). All in all I'm incredibly happy with my nail art!
(all photos courtesy of Tamara Di Lullo & Candy Nail Bar)

Final word: Treat yourself and support an amazing local artist & entrepreneur!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Made in Germany worth its Weight in Gold for Metal Lovers

Rammstein, Made in Germany (best of & remixes)
Where to find it: iTunes, Renaud Bray, HMV, Archambault
Packaging: Steril white, simple
Price: Around 17.99$ for the 2 discs or 14.99$ for just the "best of"

I LOVE Rammstein. I have bought every single anything they've ever made. I think I have a very unhealthy schoolgirl crush on Till Lindemann.

So naturally I bought their "Best of" set including the remixes. There's not much to say about the CD, it's pretty much all their best songs except for maybe their cover of Das Model which is sadly missing and bück dich. For people who don't know the band, they're a German industrial metal band that made it big with their single Du Hast way back in 1996 though my favourite song is off their first album from 1995, Herzeleid and is entitled "Du Riechst So Gut" (which happily is on the best of CD).
As for the remix CD, I was expecting more of an industrial remix à la Rob Zombie's "American Made Music to Strip By" and was surprised by the Euro
Trash remixes that overload pretty much the whole album. However there are
some really good ones that make the album worth every penny including Sonne
remixed by Clawfinger. Check it out:

Final word: Buy it now, Totally worth it!