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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Thanks Lacey!

I've been doing logo & stock photo work for Lacey C. on and off for over 4 years... You even might have seen/bought some of my vectors from iStock Photo too! She's been a great client for image & logo contracts! She resells them to various stock image companies. I asked her for some feedback; this is what I got:
"You're hard on me! If I don't get the information to you on time you sure let me know! All kidding aside, you're great. I love your stuff, you work hard and you brainstorm with me for my own business for free- What else could I ask for? Your response time is faster by internet than by phone, but I leave a message and you always get back to me within 4-6 hours so I can't complain. I can ask you for a logo and the next day I've got it. I'm a satisfied customer. Like your postcard says: AWESOME! Just once is enough for my 100%!"