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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bluelight Burlesque New Season Starts Soon!

For anyone looking for something to do in Montreal on the 17th of September check out the Bluelight Burlesque at Café Campus! Mlle Oui Oui Encore presents a whole new season with fun themes and new acts, starting with "Friandises et Gourmandises" - a sure pleasure for you senses. Not to mention we'll be launching our monthly special, which will coincide with Bluelight's monthly shows!
We're building a fantastic candy land for you, reminiscent of Katy Perry's cotton candy clouds! Stay tuned for our lighting tests with Oui Oui Encore ;)
We'll be offering complete hair, makeup, costume and pose "coaching" - you'll also get to keep all your images as well as one completely retouched image of your choice for 150$ - contact us at for more info!

Check out the new Bluelight Flyers designed by yours truly!
For tickets and more show times visit

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lash Blast lives up to it's name...

Presenting Cover Girl's Lash Blast Fusion
Where to find it: Any Pharmacy
Use: Mascara
Ease of use: Easy Peasy!
Smell: Subtle makeup smell
Packaging: Hot Purple (love it!)
Price: Around 9$

I'm always looking for new makeup products, even if I tend to stick to M.A.C. products. Every now and then a cheaper brand will surprise me - like Cover Girl's Lash Blast Fusion. Not only is it my favourite colour (packaging really impresses me for some reason) but the product really performs! Boasting a volume, lengthening AND waterproof formula (which usually means clumpy-ness or one feature out-performing the other). This mascara though has a really fat brush that allows just the right amount of mascara to be rolled on and spread to the tips of your lashes. At first I found it a bit awkward with such a large brush but it really gave me the volume and length I was looking for. After a few test rounds I can say that the waterproof formula really outdoes itself - holding on even after hurricane rain storms and a shower! I'm super satisfied with my purchase and I'm going to bring this product into the studio to replace our current M.A.C. mascara (yeah, it's that good!)

Final word: Buy it now!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Burlesque Bucks!

For those of you who didn't receive your burlesque buck at our grand opening, please feel free to print this out and use it next time you visit us!!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Opening Party

Thanks for such an amazing turnout Saturday night! We had a full house all night long with music, food and shopping! The night started off at 6pm we greeted clients with white wine, cupcakes and a diverting atmosphere! Guys and dolls piled in and enjoyed the festivities all night long including Jive dancing and music by Luc Osmani on the second floor! We presented our new collection of corsets, shoes, clothing, vintage fashion as well as Vintage Love dresses and apparel. Clients were pleased to hear about all our services, including Pinup Photography, custom show-costumes on-site fitting and one of a kind fashion creations. The night was a big success, thank you to everyone that came out & helped out, including: Stef Porter, Claudine Normand, Velma Candyass, Natasha Clayton, Red Rocket, Van Demon, Oui Oui Encore and so many more! We love you! xox

We hosted a bootleg art show in our photography studio, featuring work by Alice dans la Lune, Hilary Jane, Oui Oui Encore, Chen-Je Chen, Natasha Clayton, Pin-striping by Renny Jesic and Guillame Ozoux.
The art made for interesting conversation and a really beautiful backdrop to such a fantastic night!
Baked goods prepared especially for the night! Baked by Stef Porter, myself and Candy Topps Cupcakes. We had piles of candy laying around for everyone's indulgence, as well as bowls of candied feet, berries and gummy bears!
Many Burlesque performers attended the event to our delight! With street performances by Morxia Marla (left), Nadia (Hawaiian dance, centre) and Vintage Love (right). Street-goers were encouraged to break balloons for prizes and participate in their antics for gift certificates! They definitely cause quite a stir up and down St-Denis!
Vintage Love doning her infamous balloon costume!
We were also thrilled to have the Fabulous Velma Candyass give a private performance, Velma gave us a strip-tease like no other to a studio full of cheering fans. Needless to say there was so much glitter and flower petals everywhere I think we'll be finding it for days! It was amazing!
Thanks again to everyone that came out for our opening and we're hoping to see all of you again real soon! come check us out at 1695 St-Denis, Montreal Qc.
Opening Hours:
Tuesday & Wednesday - 12pm to 5pm
Thursday & Friday - 12pm to 8pm
Saturday - 12pm to 5pm
Sunday & Monday - Closed

Here's what one client shared with us this morning:

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Standard Sets!

Many people ask us what our sets look like - though we work primarily with photoshop to create cool backdrops, we do have some standards - here they are some examples (missing from photos: retro staircase, Tiki balcony, makeup room):

Candy Stripped wallpaper

Gold Leaf Drapes

Pink Decadent Housewife

Brick Wall

Dark lounge area

Damask wall

Light & Feminine Sitting Area

Shag Carpet

Red Damask Drapes

Paper Backdrops: Black, White, Pink, Yellow, Blue, Red, Grey and Green

I'd also like to note that we do many on-location shoots, so if you have a spot you'd really love to be photographed at, don't be shy! We also build sets, depending on your request and hold monthly specials with a new design each month!