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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Merci Fédérique!

Another nice review!

Also; an anonymous client giving feedback on a partner site:

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Big News!

For all you fans who find our loft is a little out of reach, we've got some big news! We'll be moving to Saint-Denis in July! You can come visit us at 1693-A from 12pm to 6pm Tuesday & Wednesday and from 12pm to 9pm Thursday and Friday and Saturdays from 10am to 3pm. The boutique is a stone's throw away from the Berri-UQAM metro station.
Our Boutique will be carrying Vintage Love, Se7en Deadly, Bettie Page, Sourpuss, Too Fast, Iron Fist, Blue Bayer Jewellery, Retro-A-Go-Go and more! Of course we'll still have our fabulous line of burlesque corsets and costumes, hosiery and burlesque accessories from all over the world! Our Photo studio will be moving with us as well, we'll now offer themed monthly specials and of course our classic backdrops.

Our Classic line of Burlesque Corsets

Burlesque Accessories, including: Fans, Whips and Boas
Hosiery and Burlesque Under-Garments

Too Fast Cirque Couture

Se7en Deadly Apothecary Inspired Tees and Tops

Blue Bayer Mini Replica Jewellery made in NYC

Iron Fist Shoes, classic and a little wild!

Bettie Page Clothing

Burlesque Stage-Wigs

Vintage Love Clothing

Glam Punk Necklaces

Retro-A-Go-Go Rings and Accessories

Funky Purses (don't worry we have all the classics too!)

SourPuss Clothing

Tons of Hair Gear, Including: Bows, Flowers, Hats, Pins, Flowers and More!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

This Album is Called: Awesome!

Presenting: Brothers by the Black Keys
Where to find it: iTunes, Renaud Bray, Archambault, HMV etc...
Use: Music
Ease of use: Easy!
Packaging: Cool & the CD itself has a feature activated by heat
Price: Around 10$ - 16$

I have to say, I've always enjoyed the black keys, but I've never bought their album - just a song or two here and there. Last week I heard yet another song I loved off the radio and decided I'd had enough, I was going to support these guys and buy their album! I seriously do not regret it and am kind of wondering why I didn't do it sooner. The music is the perfect blend of 70's rock and modern blues - very smooth and fills a room with a real sexy ambiance. The lyrics are textbook: love, lust, heartbreak and revenge. There's definitely something for everyone in this album, I recommend it strongly.

Bottom Line: BUY IT NOW!
Check out my favourite song from the album so far (The video is made to look like a Grindhouse film):

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New Twist on the Old Bachelorette

-BACHELORETTE PARTY 50$/PERSON (minimum 4 people)
Includes: Mini Photo Shoot, Accessories and Costumes, Group Photo & 1 final photo per person retouched.
Minimum time: 1h20min

-BACHELORETTE PARTY 125$/PERSON (minimum 4 people)
Includes: Makeup Artist, Mini Photo Shoot, Accessories and Costumes, Group Photo & you get to keep all your images with one final photo retouched each!
Minimum time: 2h30min

-BACHELORETTE PARTY 150$/PERSON (minimum 4 people)
Includes: Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist, Mini Photo Shoot, Accessories and Costumes, Group Photo & you get to keep all your images with one final photo retouched each!
Minimum time: 4h


Minimum time: 45min

-JOY TOYZ DEMO WITH NAPALM NATTY, shop for safe, fun and sexy toyz with a woman who knows her products and stands by their quality. Add a fun, informative and sex-positive hour to your Bachelorette!
Group total minimum purchase must be 400$ (minimum 10 people)
Minimum time: 1h