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Friday, February 7, 2014

Catching up!

Hi there,
It's me, your reclusive photographer. I'm sorry I haven't had much of an online presence lately - I've been taking care of business. I hope you understand.
Sincerely, a very apologetic solo artist.

That being said here's a whole bunch of new stuff!
First, I made the cover & a centre spread of the Journal de Montreal. Wow, what an extreme honour - I did not expect that AT ALL while being interviewed; I thought we'd be somewhere at the back with a little blurb. I am humbled. Thank you.

I've also created a whole new set inspired by NIN's music video; Closer
A whole hell of a lot of sexy, if you ask me. I know I've gushed in the past over the genius of Trent Reznor and his stunning visuals - so I won't put you through it again.... but here's the video again, just incase you want some sexy goosebumps followed by my interpretation. 

Model: Wild Ivory

Model: Wild Ivory

Hey that's me!
Photo by a very reluctant and terrified Wild Ivory

I've been busy doing tons of things - to many to list & probably trivial but I did get the chance to do this publicity shoot for Lavender May, which somehow turned into my favourite couple shoot of all time
Lavender May and Marc-André - Featuring a lucky pink unicorn.

There's also been a new addition to my family. A charming, round, snoring fur ball by the name of Lotus. She and Diesel have quickly become best buds. Here they are debuting our latest set - All my Favourite Things. Candy, excess, flowers, cake and toys. Yo; it's the bomb and I kinda want to live in it.

Little Lotus and Diesel

There may have been a night where Wild Ivory, Frank Lam and I went a little crazy. Ivory may or may not have stolen a christmas tree and dragged it down the street. There's no photographic proof unfortunately... 

If you're not busy monday, come check out Speakeasy Burlesque at L'Abreuvoir at 8:30pm - should be a blast! Photo and graphics by me :)

Hope to see you all soon and don't forget to take an appointment; please drop by my cozy studio thursday, friday and saturday after 2pm to regular closing hours.