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Thursday, December 17, 2015


Christmas is right around the corner and makeup artist Audrey Ivory suggested that this year we go all out and put up a 9ft tree... I figured, why not? This set has been lots of fun to put up and to photograph! We even made poster calendars for everyone that wanted to see their christmas shoot all year long ;) One of the most memorable shoots was with Billy L'amour - who, if you don't know, is one of the most talented and sassy drag queens Montreal has to offer. Billy sauntered in (all 7ft with heels) and worked the crap out of this set in less than 15 minutes. This image was used for Billy's sold out Christmas show and Christmas cards- it's a total honour for me!!

Here are some other really rad images from this set!  

Scarlet James, whom we also had the honour of photographing for the Montreal Burlesque Festival Christmas cards!

Sailor Jassie & Erik

Elsa Muse and Annie

And possibly one of my favourite family photos of all time:
the Miss Ginger Clan!!!

I also recently had the pleasure of photographing The Montreal Burlesque Festival's founder and curator, Scarlet James. Here are a few images in which we took the natural beauty concept and gave it a little femme fatale twist. We wanted to portray Scarlet's elegance but still have a little bit of that burlesque cheekiness!

And of course, who can resist Candyland!

Happy Holidays to you all, I hope your holidays are filled with family, friends and good times! I wish you nothing but the best in 2016. Thank you for reading my blog, sharing and giving me over 100,000 hits a year! It's incredible and I'm so grateful to all of you that like and share my work!
If you're not doing anything January 9th 2016 - come celebrate with me at the Tassel D'Or - I've been working on this project day and night with Audrey for months and would love to see all your faces at this extravaganza!! Our host is none other than Laurent Paquin (who hosts sold out comedy shows all over quebec to an audience of  5,000 to 10,000 people!!). We have Burlesque performers from all over, including the infamous Raquel Reed (Glamour Icon, Model, Artist, Celebrity), Live band: Les Séparatwists, Circus performers, magic and so much more!! Our last two shows have been a huge success with people raving about the quality and sheer volume of entertainment wrapped up into one fabulous night!!! I really hope to see you there! 
Check out the event HERE! and buy your Tickets HERE!
Check out the promos below! Thank you & xox

Natural Beauty

For a while I've been thinking of releasing a black and white photo book of modern pinups set to a neutral background focusing on their natural beauty with very minimal photoshop & makeup. There's something sexy about a woman confident enough to show you her true beauty - nude, in her favourite lingerie or simply in her baggy sweater and wool socks with chipped nail polish. What do you think?

Model Audrey Ivory

Addams Family

Audrey Ivory

I've always loved the Addams Family and The Munsters - watching old reruns with my grandmother was a staple of my childhood! Two of the greatest people I know, Annie and Fred are the real life Morticia and Gomez - we jokingly call them this because of the beautiful couple they are and also because Annie has this fabulous sense of style so reminiscent of Morticia. I wanted to capture their love affair (they even met and fell in love working at a funeral home!!) in fantasy for a long time now... and then the idea just struck - why don't we do a halloween special with the concept? An idea was born! So many people participated in bringing to life characters from the show, it was overwhelming! Here are some of my favourite shots! 

Annie & Fred

Frank Lam & Lily Monroe

The whole family! 
Fred, Baron Von Styck, Annie, Frank Lam, Samsara Brown, Audrey Ivory
Lily Monroe. Marisa, Duyan 

Keep It Kreepy!