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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Watch out for Shitty McGee, AKA Jacob Hansen

For ladies who have been to the studio in the past two years or been to any of the Speakeasy Burlesque shows- you've probably met Clau. She's possibly one of the nicest people you've ever met. She's bubbly, funny, creative, eccentric and beautiful. She's helped transform many a self conscious woman into a fucking rock star. 

And then this happened:

Excuse me while I throw up in my EYEBALLS for a minute...

First of all, Jacob Hansen, you're a fucking gash of a human being.
You're everything wrong with our internet culture. I wish you weren't hiding behind your tacky douche glasses, not to mention your computer - so that I could smother you with my equally curvaceous (catastrophic) ASS. Never, EVER, is it ok to attack anyone for no reason whatsoever. 
Obviously, you're pretty dedicated in your hate towards women - because after you failed to get a response, you just kept GOING. Round of applause everyone! This guy just won Shit Bag of the year! Does it make you feel good to hate on women? Do you feel better about yourself? I fucking hope so... Because if I ever meet you, I'm going to tear you a new one.

Second, I understand people have bad days and sometimes someone's got to pay for it. She probably reminds you of a girl who laughed at your tiny dick, or your mother that never made you feel good enough, or your boss that makes more money than you. Maybe she just reminds you that no matter how much you go to the gym you'll still never have anything remotely as attractive or charming as a fucking PERSONALITY... So you took it out on Clau. I can understand that.
But understand this; don't ever, EVER fuck with GOOD PEOPLE. All actions have consequences, and your petty, cruel mistake is something I hope haunts you. I can call you names all I like - but people will judge you for who you are; and in these messages you've bared your sad, desperate, worthless soul.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Speakeasy Burlesque Grand Cabaret

Don't miss this AMAZING event happening Saturday the 26th of October at the historic Caf' Conc' Theatre at the Château Champlain right downtown. An incredibly talented lineup including: COCO FRAMBOISE - Burlesque Cabaret ShowgirlCherry TyphoonMlle Oui Oui EncoreBonBon BombayVelma CandyassLady JosephineBlue Mushroom Sirkus Psyshow,Lavender MayWild IvoryMadria, Kitty Kin Evil, Exotic Bloom, Matt Risk, Rock Avenue, Showgirls and of course the incredible SPEAKEASY ELECTRO SWING MONTREAL!!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Show of the Year!!

Don't miss this incredible show SATURDAY THE 26TH OF OCTOBER 2013
Coco Framboise, Cherry Typhoon, Mlle Oui Oui Encore, BonBon Bombay, Velma Candyass, Lady Josephine, Blue Mushroom Sirkus Sideshow, Lavender May, Wild Ivory, Madria, Kitty Kin Evil, Exotic Bloom, Matt Risk, Speakeasy Electro Swing, Rock Avenue, Showgirls and more!
Tickets available at the studio, 35$ in advance and 40$ at the door!
Come costumed for this glamorous party!!


Introducing Audrey Ivory!

I'm very happy to present Audrey Ivory to you! She'll be our new full time makeup artist here at the studio. She's been working here on and off so you might have already met her! She's flamboyant, funny and incredibly talented. Not only does she do classic pinup styles; but she also does crazy special effects makeup! Check out her work below!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Candy Land!

I'm very happy to announce that the Candy Land set will finally be back for a short period of time in JANUARY 2014!! This set will only run for a couple of weeks and it will be bigger and better than ever!! Spaces are very limited since we'll be offering special effects makeup & hair as well as complete wardrobe and shoot for 200$!! To reserve your space text: CANDYLAND to 514-473-3218

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Spitting Fire

A day or so ago; Audrey (my makeup artist) and I were taking a 5 minute break and watching videos. I came across this:

I spat fire - I won't lie

Honestly, I find her ridiculous. She speaks as if men's opinions are the dominant force in society & that a man's opinion is the dominant force in a woman's dignity. Disgusting. Feminism, dignity and equality is based on the intrinsic value you give yourself. How will ours & men's view of us ever change if we treat men like uncivilized sexual beasts that we need to sate at the cost of our own sexual liberation? We're all just people; equal & beautiful. There's nothing wrong with wearing a bikini as long as YOU enjoy it. That being said; I think her bathing suits are cute; but mostly because I don't enjoy (personally) my ass hanging out of teeny tiny lycra triangles ;)

So; let's be clear as fuck right now - WHAT IS FEMINISM?

Feminism is NOT about being less feminine. Feminism is about having the right to be any kind of woman you choose to be and having the exact same rights as everyone else. So all you "FEMINIST" bitches hating on girls in skimpy dresses, latex, bikinis, bitching about dignity (or all you skimpy girls hating on the ladies that like to cover up)- YOU'RE PART OF THE PROBLEM. A TRUE FEMINIST UNDERSTANDS THAT WHAT DIGNITY, RESPECT AND BEING A WOMAN MEANS FOR HERSELF MAY NOT BE THE SAME AS ANOTHER AND TO BE ACCEPTING OF IT - because it's her fucking right as well as yours.

Take dicks out of the equation for once. It's all about the ladies and how we treat each other. 
I'm a prude when it comes to showing my body in public; but everyday I photograph women on all sides of the spectrum - and you know what? I love you all and you're all fucking beautiful.

Friday, September 13, 2013

PROHIBITION PARTY!! Hosted by Cirque de Boudoir!

Don't miss this great party tomorrow night! I'll be there with all my lovely pinup friends! Come have a drink, watch some great burlesque and have drinks with me!! 

Cirque De Boudoir celebrates its 7th Anniversary in style with an opulent and extravagant night where the only thing prohibited is determined by your own inhibitions.
Featuring Montreal’s most talented burlesque performers, DJs, and the hottest guests all under one roof!
…and more!
Happening at the amazing Lion D’Or, a beautiful 1920′s style venue that is the ideal backdrop for this fully immersive theme party.
General Admission: $15 in advance, $20 at the door
VIP Admission: $40 in advance, $50 at the door
VIP includes: Skip the lineup at the door, Coat Check included, Access to VIP only area with VIP treats & Entertainment, plus admission to our very special 7th Anniversary Edition Official After Party for VIPs, staff & performers only.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A little bit of everything...

I got to work with the crazy gorgeous Alternative Model Cassia Sparkle a couple weeks ago - She's such a beautiful person inside and out; which made her a real pleasure to shoot! She wanted to do something fun with our pink Kustom Koffin; so I figured shooting it in the Dracula's Garden set was our best option. Check it out!

We also did a set in my Inferno Room decor and she introduced me to Sis Void; a local corset designer here in Montréal. As you can see below, Sis's work is rad. She uses all metal boning and mixes PVC, silk and lace. I loved her work so much that I decided to carry some of her stuff at the studio. Something like this goes for about 180$ - which is amazing because I've seen custom corsets of lower quality go for almost double. If you're looking to start waist-training or just looking for a crazy beautiful corset, stop by and check out her stuff!

Hair and Makeup by Wild Ivory

Later on that week; Lavender May, Wild Ivory, Antonio and Tam from Candy Nail Bar decided to head out of the city and go to a country fair in Brome. The day was lots of fun, filled with appreciative stares and the occasional odd one! Of course these girls can't go anywhere without being 150% pinup and they caused a minor commotion; frequently stopping for photos & chit-chat. It was a really fun day filled with cotton candy, laughs, friendship and of course lots of carousel!  

On a final note; now that I've gotten all the fluffy pleasant stuff out of the way, I'd like to say that today is an exceptionally hard day for many people and I wish everyone peace, happiness and condolences for those lost. It's not everyday that something shakes the entire world for generations to come and we should take a moment to appreciate the people still in our lives; the good and the bad, because they're part of our journey and they help get us where we need to be. 

Friday, August 23, 2013


Speakeasy Burlesque vous présente un spectacle comme nul auparavant; les mecs d'Électro Swing Montréal se joignent à nous pour vous présenter un événement de burlesque et de danse dans la même soirée. Laissez-vous aguicher par ce teaser et restez à l'affût prochainement afin de connaître la date de cet événement exclusif haut en couleur.
Speakeasy Burlesque; souvent imité, jamais égalé ;)

Speakeasy Burlesque presents a show like we've never done before; we've brought the boys from Electro Swing to spin their original sound just for you! A Burlesque & dance party all in one night! Enjoy the tease for now & stay tuned for the date this exclusive show will be held.
Speakeasy Burlesque; often imitated, never duplicated.

Speakeasy Electro Swing Montréal:

Thrift Shop Addiction...

A friend of mine had me listen to this song and I hated it's guts... Until I realized this is pretty much the anthem for everyone I know. Thrift shops actually really do rule.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

A little tease....

Tease, Burlesque et divertissement!
Vendredi après-midi, nous allons lancer notre "sneak peek" de notre prochain grand projet! Restez à l'écoute .... xox

Mlle Oui Oui Encore!

As usual, it's always a pleasure to work with Oui Oui - this time around we did some shots of her to be used as models for Maly Siri to paint for the next Blue Light Burlesque ad campaign! The poster was put together by the excellent graphist Genevieve April - Check it out!

Here's a shot of a set we did afterwards - goofing around works out pretty well!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Tiki Queens and Dracula's vixens!

We had a great set put together by myself and Kent from Kustom Designs, inspired by the great 1950's Pinups from Hawaii - complete with mermaid tail and Bettie Page bathing suits! I had the pleasure of photographing Sailor Jassie as our mermaid and the lovely Lou on the Rocks as our Tiki Queen!
Take a look:

Sadly, the set has been taken down and replaced by the Inferno Room (see below) but I'm sure due to popularity it will be back again next year!
We also have a very sexy and sensual set still up; we've based it on Lucy's loss of innocence in the garden from the film Dracula. Here's a still from the movie:

This set is great both in colour and black and white. Once again I got to photograph Lou on the Rocks in a gorgeous vintage powder blue bullet bra and garters! Meow!
I also had a great time doing my light test with Maman Gâteaux - check it out!

This set will be up until mid September - Stay tuned! We're bringing back an old favourite, Spiced up and full of glitter!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Zoofest & More!

As some of you might have noticed - I've been a pretty busy lady for the past few months! Not even any free time to blog! For those of you looking to book appointments I STRONGLY suggest you come in person to my studio: 16935 St-Denis, MTL (Berri-UQAM Metro) so that we can chat, look over the sets and see what you want to do. It's ALWAYS the fastest and easiest way to reach me as I pretty much live here in the closet with the vacuum and crackers.

These past few months have been booked with many projects, one of which was Speakeasy Burlesque's presentation of "The Sins of Reverend Morgan"(produced by myself, Lavender May and Isabel HL) for Zoofest and Just for Laughs! Honestly, it was a pretty amazing experience, seven crazy nights of burlesque, glitter and love. The whole festival was pretty amazing, skipping from show to show, haggling comedians and drinking beer, smoking cigarettes and eating MTL Pool Room hot dogs in the park with my best girlfriends (and Frankie Lam) after working 16 hour days. Here's the teaser Frank Lam put together - all of it filmed in Lavender May's living room on green screen:

Speakeasy Burlesque : Les péchés du Révérend Morgan - Teaser 2 from Speakeasy Burlesque on Vimeo.

Besides Zoofest; I've been going pretty hard with the daily shoots, an average of 3 to 6 shoots a day! All you ladies (and gents too) have been pretty fabulous and seriously chill. I appreciate all the love.

I've also started working on refurbishing and creating burlesque costumes and lingerie. This girl loves her some Swarovski. Take a look and follow me on Instagram!

Inferno Room!

A few weeks ago my good friends Kent from Kustom Designs, Marie-Eve, Jassie and Meagan helped me trace out and create my favourite scene from Beetlejuice for the studio; take a look at the clip:

So, we drew out the Inferno Room, cut it out and painted the crap out of that bad boy!

Take a look at the light tests with Sailor Jassie and Maman Gâteaux!

And then here are some images we did of Lavender May for Télé Québec in the same set but obviously with a 1920s vibe.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Speakeasy Burlesque Once Upon a Tease

Again, another sold out show for Speakeasy - A show I produce with Lavender May and Bittersweet Billie. Just in case you missed our teaser video - here it is! Shot and edited by the amazing Frank Lam; a Montreal graffiti artist, skateboarder and pinup aficionado!

Speakeasy Burlesque : Il Était Une Fois, Once Upon a Tease from Frank Lam on Vimeo.

Monday, February 11, 2013


Oh, Montreal - how I love you and your vast choices of takeout on a monday night following a full weekend bender of work and parties. The girls and I love Salonica takeout when we're in a pinch at the studio. Amazing pizza, best gyros, best takeout fries.... but the BEST thing about Salonica is the nice lady that answers the phone 99% of the time. The first couple of times I burst out laughing... because well... it's just not possible... no one believed me. She's EXACTLY like the takeout lady in "Dude where's my car?"

After several orders placed on speakerphone we have lovingly adopted her as the "Don't fuck with me takeout lady"

Seriously though, the food is top notch takeout - call them and see what I mean ;)

Monday, January 28, 2013

Cirque De Boudoir's PIN-UP VALENTINE!

We had the pleasure of working with Davidé of Cirque de boudoir, Vid Vicious for the knot work and the lovely Valérie Cash as our pinup model! This is the sexy pinup event of the year, we sincerely hope to see you there! We're selling tickets for 20$ at the studio, limited quantity & going fast! 

The SEXIEST Valentine's event in Montreal is Cirque De Boudoir's PIN-UP VALENTINE! If you are looking for something KNOTTY this Valentines... look no further.


2013 will mark the first annual Cirque De Boudoir PIN-UP VALENTINES!!! Each year we will focus on a different type of Pin-up. This year's focus is: KNOTTY PIN-UP; as in ropes, bondage, naughty, nautical, fetish etc... We will also accept ALL TYPES of Pin-Up inspirations as we celebrate the first CDB PIN-UP VALENTINES!

Happening in 3 adjacent spaces in Old Montreal, this event will be a multi-room party with 3 environments, ranging from Knotty to Knottiest!

Confirmed so far is PLASTIK PATRIK as DJ & MC, accompanied by MARY HELL, DJ DAVIDÉ & more!

We will have Knotty performances to delight your senses and the best cocktail menu in Montreal!

A very special CDB Valentines is in the works....

More info coming soon! Get your tickets NOW!

Or email for tickets & info.


General Admission: $20 in advance

VIP Admission: $50 in advance (includes Pinup Valentine Cocktail, coat check, after party & $20 L'Assommoir gift certificate for a future visit) *Only 75 available!

VIP Admission & CDB Pinup Valentine Dinner: $100 (includes Pinup Valentine Cocktail, 3 course Table D'Hôte meal, coat check, after party & $20 L'Assommoir gift certificate for a future visit) *Only 50 available!

Our CDB PIN-UP VALENTINE Table D’Hôte dinner at L’Assommoir is happening right before the event (8pm-10pm). Places are limited so please reserve ASAP by emailing
Check out L'Assommoir's website:
Valentine's menu coming soon...

Like the CDB page:

L’événement LE PLUS SEXY de la Saint-Valentin à Montréal est le SAINT-VALENTIN PIN-UP de Cirque de Boudoir! Si vous recherchez quelque chose de délicieusement coquin pour la Saint-Valentin… inutile de chercher davantage !

2013 inaugurera le premier SAINT-VALENTIN PIN-UP annuel de Cirque de Boudoir!!!

Chaque année, nous nous concentrerons sur un genre différent de Pin-up. Cette année, il s’agit du PIN-UP: COQUIN, comme dans “cordes, ligotage, nautique, fétiche, kinky etc. Nous accepterons également TOUS LES GENRES d’inspirations Pin-Up, alors que nous célébrerons le tout premier SAINT-VALENTIN PIN-UP de CDB!

Organisé dans 3 locaux adjacents dans le Vieux Montréal, cet événement sera un party “multi-chambres” avec 3 environnements différents, échelonnés de « coquin » à « super-coquin »!

Nous vous confirmons que PLASTIK PATRIK sera DJ & MC, accompagné par MARY HELL, DJ DAVIDÉ et bien plus!

Nous vous présenterons de performances tres coquin qui exciteront vos sens, ainsi que le meilleur menu cocktail à Montréal! Nous vous préparons un très spécial Saint-Valentin CDB....

Plus d’informations suivront bientôt! Procurez-vous vos billets MAINTENANT! -->

Ou envoyez un courriel au pour les billets & informations.


Admission générale: $20 à l’avance

Admission VIP: $50 à l’avance (incluant le cocktail SAINT-VALENTIN PIN-UP, vestiaire et party d’après) *Seulement 75 disponibles!

Admission VIP & souper SAINT-VALENTIN PIN-UP de CDB: $100 (incluant le cocktail SAINT-VALENTIN PIN-UP, repas table d'hôte à 3 services, vestiaire et party d’après) *Seulement 50 disponibles!

Notre SAINT-VALENTIN PIN-UP de CDB : souper en table d’hôte à L’Assommoir, de 20h à 22h, juste avant l’événement. Le menu suivra bientôt…

Les places sont limitées, donc veuillez réserver le plus tôt possible en envoyant un courriel à

Site Web de L'Assommoir:

Indiquez “j’aime” à la page CDB:

Candy Nail Bar

Tamara, from Candy Nail Bar strikes again! She did these fantastic nails for me right before the New Year! My best suggestion, to anyone dying to go but lacking inspiration, is to just let her create. For example, in this set of nails I told her "pastels", she did the rest. Fucking amazing, excuse the language! Something like this is going to cost you about 99$ but there is a price range and level of kitsch for everyone starting at around 30$
Seriously, check them out!