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Monday, December 26, 2011

Nivole, A Wine After my Own Heart

A refreshing alternative to bubbly: Nivole Michele Chiarlo Moscato d'Asti 2010

This is a fantastic wine that my hubby brought home from the SAQ - it's heaven for 12$.
This white wine has the refreshing bubbly feel of champagne but with the floral and fruity taste of a young white wine. It goes down so smooth that before you know it you're on your third bottle. Though it's listed as a dessert wine, I find it fantastic with salty crackers, 3+ year old gouda and best of all: Foie Gras. It's worth a try, especially since you'll easily pay 30$ for a bottle half as tasty!

Michael O'Rourke Rocks my World

Big price for big results

Presenting Michael O'Rourke's Rock Your Hair
Where to find it: Salons, Online
Use: Hair care and styling
Ease of use: So easy!
Smell: Subtle citrusy smell and all around goodness!
Packaging: Hot pink, gothic lettering and a rhinestone heart - let's face it, I would have bought it for the packaging alone!
Price: Around 20$ per item

My good friend Claudine offered me this set for Christmas knowing my absolute love of pink/glitter/rhinestones/big hair. I have to say I'm pretty f-ing impressed with this product. Anyone that knows me, knows my love for jumbo hair (like any good Italian woman does). My only problem is that my hair is so thick and long that it doesn't take much for it to go flat (I REFUSE to cut layers in my hair, don't you dare suggest it!). To keep a big style I have to tease all over and re-tease halfway though the day. I've used volume sprays, powders, shampoos - anything and everything and nothing holds all day without maintenance. THEN Rock Your Hair came into my life. I am in love and though it's expensive it's worth the investment. This morning I used the shampoo/conditioner combo - they're Sulfate and Paraben free and colour safe too - followed by the Size Matters Big Volume Root Lift, which you spray in your wet hair and then blow dry with a round brush, lifting the roots as you dry. Already at this point I had big hair, as if I sprayed it with a whole can of hairspray upside-down like a Madonna wanna-be from the 80's - but without the rock hard texture! Next I sprinkled the bombshell powder and massaged it into my roots - this gives instant volume and texture, makes your roots shine AND it smells good! For good measure I did some minimal teasing and then sprayed my roots with the Spray It Hard Hairspray. I did all this at about 11 am, the whole process took about 20 minutes.... 12 hours later - I STILL HAVE BIG HAIR! No extra teasing, no extra damage, my hair looks like a rock star. I LOVE it! This is a fantastic product that delivers. It does what it promises it will do all in a hot pink kitsch packaging.

Final word: Buy it now, spend the extra dollars for a hot result!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

November/December Monthly Special - Hilary Jane

For those of you who don't know her, Hilary Jane is a lowbrow horror tattoo artist here in Montreal. She's made designs for companies like Too Fast Apparel, Lowbrow Art Company and more... In fact her work is so good that a lot of ballsy douchebags try to rip off her art on a regular basis. She currently works at MTL Tattoo, where she inks amazing life-like portraits as well as her neo-traditional victorian ladies, always with elements of religion, vanity, decay and sorrow. We love her work so much, we figured it was about time to make her art come to life.

Wednesday afternoon Hilary came in for our light test in the set inspired by her. She's a trooper! Jane sat through 3 hours of hair and makeup (see photos below). Marie-Sophie (our talented stylist and clothing designer) replicated makeup and hair styles that Hilary uses in her illustrations, including real stag horns, flowers, pearls, haute-coiffure and feathers.

Want to participate in our Hilary Jane Promo? Don't hesitate, spots are going fast!

"Become a dark, elegant and surreal alter-ego"

Available at the studio from November 10th to December 24th 2011.
Complete Package: 150$
Includes: Custom hair, makeup, special set, accessories, several costumes, shoes, jewellery, 100-150 photos which you can leave with the same day!
For info call: 514-473-3218 or email:

Custom Costumes designed by Marie-sophie Rondeau of Vintage Love, Set designed by Marisa Parisella based on artwork by Hilary Jane Petersen - Check out her work here:

Preview some Light Test shots:

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Retiring the Candy set. Meanwhile, Hilary Jane Inspires us...

Monday night we did our last shoot in our much loved (and eaten) Candyland with our very own Lavender-Mai. Marie-Sophie outdid herself in makeup and costuming, going all out in pinks and sparkles. Marie-Sophie (Vintage Love) created a corset full of rhinestones, glitter and candy. It could not have been more of a kitsch girl-fest! For the shoot, we basically went in and threw around the candy for 30 minutes! The photo below is by far one of my favourites and I'm happy to have it as our last candy shoot.

We're already putting together our next set, inspired by a Montreal tattoo artist, Hilary Jane. Everyone at the studio drools over her tattoo art on a regular basis and we figured it was about time we pay homage to her work. After doing so many Ultra-Vibrant shoots lately, it was fun to switch to something so dark yet very feminine and powerful. I've put together a black on black set featuring an oversized leather chesterfield chaise, shag carpets, fur pillows, ornate frames & chandelier, taxidermy bats flying out of their cage as well as Hilary's signature roses. Marie-Sophie (Vintage Love) is hard at work creating an ornate costume that is mix & matchable to any size corset, featuring cameos, neck corsets, lace and bustles. Clients will be able to choose the degree of makeup and hairstyling they require going from the extreme; featuring stag horns and pale skin with mascara running down their cheeks to a more general Marie-Antoinette inspiration. Hilary will be in next week for our light test so stay tuned for the final shots! Below I've thrown in a photo of our set elements so far- take a closer look for flower head pieces and taxidermy bats ;)

Various elements for the new set, including: taxidermy bats, stag horns for your coiffure, various flower and pearl head pieces as well as intricate costuming and jewellery options and
crucifixes (of course!)

From Hilary's website:
"I am a lowbrow horror artist and tattoo artist from Montreal.
I am mostly known for creating works that condone the sin of vanity; by juxtapozing beautiful pinups and high society dames with dark subject matters such as disentegration, death and resurection.
Inspired by the enchanting visuals of costume history, religious Renaissance art, baroque art and the living dead, I take great joy in drawing beautiful women in dramatic outfits, decorated with bizarre millinery and taxidermy [...]"

To see more of her work for inspiration, check out:

Meanwhile, we're already working on our NEXT set, after Hilary Jane. In January we're going to be spoiling you with a Retro Circus! Complete with Lion Tamers, Trapeze Artists, Freak-shows, Dancing Girls and a Carousel Horse. Stay tuned!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sweet on Erase Paste

Paste for the Pasty

Presenting Benefit's Erase Paste
Where to find it: Pharmaprix, High-end pharmacies
Use: Cover-up
Ease of use: Easy - to mess up!
Smell: Subtle makeup smell
Packaging: Hot Purple and pink with retro lettering
Price: Around 30$ - 40$

I initially tried this out based on a recommendation by a client, I was wishing out loud for an even colour-corrector that was easy and fast to use. She pulled out "Erase Paste" and I fell in love. I won't lie to you - the application can be tricky and though it is very thick and feels like you're applying sludge to the bags under your eyes - it's freaking fantastic! The best approach is to pat on very small amounts directly with your finger to all those troublesome red spots and under-eye darkness. If the colour match isn't exact - don't fret - you'll cover it up with your powder foundation creating a porcelain effect that is actually quite comfortable and beautiful. I have ridiculously sensitive skin and right away I was dreading the effect this product would have on my face, yet I was pleasantly surprised by absolutely zero irritation. Benefit is notorious for creating fun and useful beauty products (they had me at their retro packaging) - and I am thrilled to share this one with you. I combine Erase Paste with their powder foundation "Hello Flawless" for a fast and complete porcelain base for my makeup. A word of warning though - go easy on the paste, make sure not to cake it on, only apply it where needed in gentle patting motions... otherwise you'll have a caked mess to deal with! By my calculations, using the paste for my eyes, nose, chin and occasional red spots every day I'll have enough in the little jar for about 6-8 months. I'd say it's a good buy!

Final word: Buy it now!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

How to prepare for your photo shoot!

Acid Doll by

1. Do your roots!
You want to be able to leave your shoot with as many as possible great shots that don't need to be photoshopped! Something a lot of women neglect to do is touch up their roots, which later on needs to be touched up in photoshop so that their hair doesn't look cheap/tacky. I always suggest that girls who don't have the time/money for a touch-up opt for a hairstyle that hides the roots, like pin-curls, rolls that roll up and lots of flowers and feathers!

2. Nail Polish, shaving and moisturizer are a must!
These are often things easily forgotten, but can sometimes ruin a shot. Make sure your nails look fantastic and shiny, shave and pluck those extra hairs and ALWAYS moisturize your skin!

3. Practice in the mirror!
It's like a private test run! to get a nice smile and pout practice words and sounds like "hey" and "oooo" - they really only work if you say them without an ounce of seriousness. Vowels also work well (A,E,I,O,U). DON'T BE AFRAID TO LAUGH AT YOURSELF! It's part of the fun and sometimes give really great photos and it definitely helps you relax. Seeing what different sounds and expression look like ahead of time gives you confidence for the real thing on camera. You'll already know what looks good and what doesn't!

4. Hide those "trouble" spots!
If you have cellulite or leg bulge wear nude stockings! It smooths, lifts and hides. If you choose a tone that matches your skin tone that isn't too shiny you'll be the only that knows your wearing tights in your photos. You can easily wear thigh-highs over them and a garter belt. Feel silly wearing all those layers? Don't, it's the same trick burlesque dancers and showgirls use.
If you have tummy issues you can always wear a corset or suggest poses laying on your stomach. For flabby arms try lightly flexing or not raising your arms too high. For breast pudge (unfortunate result of tight corsetry and large breasts) wear a boa or ask for a shrug that might fit with your outfit.

5. Bring Backup!
Always bring backup underwear, bras, shoes and outfits and even makeup - better safe than sorry!

6. Do some research!
Find out what style you're really passionate about, which models/photographers make you drool. The more inspiration you have the clearer you'll be with your photographer about what you're looking for.

7. Eat light and bring a snack!
You don't want to be uncomfortable or bloated so don't fill your tummy. Eat light, think fruit, toast, coffee/tea and bring something a little sugary to snack on when your nerves kick in or if you get hunger pangs during your shoot.

8. ALWAYS voice your opinion!
Ask to see the photos so far, or at least ask to see the light test. Photographers do their best to make you look great, but if you have an insecurity about your facial expression/pose you want to make sure your photographer keeps you on the right track when giving you direction.

9. More is better!
When doing your own hair and makeup never forget BIGGER IS BETTER! Wear colour corrective foundations, do cat eyes and wear fake lashes! For your hair, tease the crap out of those roots, wear hot rollers & smooth out and seal your final look with pomade. Big flowers are always a plus!
Lost? Consult the many vintage/pinup enthusiasts on YouTube

1o. Have fun & pamper yourself!
That one's pretty straight forward I think! Never be shy to ask for help or direction, it will only improve your shoot and make you more confident!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Photography Special! Indulgence & Candy - Friandises et Gourmandises!

We have a limited time special photoshoot package available! "Indulgence & Candy" 150$ package includes hairstyle, makeup, costumes, shoes, accessories AND you get to keep all your images from the shoot! Let out your candy princess or sweet treat temptress - with your final retouched image framed in cotton candy you're sure to have people drooling with desire! for bookings contact:

 Forfait Friandises et Gourmandises disponible au studio! 150$ inclus: coiffure & maquillage, costumes, souliers, accessoires ET vous gardez TOUT vos photos! Pour réservation: Thanks to the fabulous Mlle Oui Oui Encore for being our spokes model! Don't forget to check out her BRAND NEW CABARET at café campus, entitled: "Gourmandises et Friandises"; 14 acts of candy & indulgence sure to entertain! Purchase your tickets at Café Campus (Prince Arthur), at our boutique: 1695 St-Denis, or at

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bluelight Burlesque New Season Starts Soon!

For anyone looking for something to do in Montreal on the 17th of September check out the Bluelight Burlesque at Café Campus! Mlle Oui Oui Encore presents a whole new season with fun themes and new acts, starting with "Friandises et Gourmandises" - a sure pleasure for you senses. Not to mention we'll be launching our monthly special, which will coincide with Bluelight's monthly shows!
We're building a fantastic candy land for you, reminiscent of Katy Perry's cotton candy clouds! Stay tuned for our lighting tests with Oui Oui Encore ;)
We'll be offering complete hair, makeup, costume and pose "coaching" - you'll also get to keep all your images as well as one completely retouched image of your choice for 150$ - contact us at for more info!

Check out the new Bluelight Flyers designed by yours truly!
For tickets and more show times visit

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lash Blast lives up to it's name...

Presenting Cover Girl's Lash Blast Fusion
Where to find it: Any Pharmacy
Use: Mascara
Ease of use: Easy Peasy!
Smell: Subtle makeup smell
Packaging: Hot Purple (love it!)
Price: Around 9$

I'm always looking for new makeup products, even if I tend to stick to M.A.C. products. Every now and then a cheaper brand will surprise me - like Cover Girl's Lash Blast Fusion. Not only is it my favourite colour (packaging really impresses me for some reason) but the product really performs! Boasting a volume, lengthening AND waterproof formula (which usually means clumpy-ness or one feature out-performing the other). This mascara though has a really fat brush that allows just the right amount of mascara to be rolled on and spread to the tips of your lashes. At first I found it a bit awkward with such a large brush but it really gave me the volume and length I was looking for. After a few test rounds I can say that the waterproof formula really outdoes itself - holding on even after hurricane rain storms and a shower! I'm super satisfied with my purchase and I'm going to bring this product into the studio to replace our current M.A.C. mascara (yeah, it's that good!)

Final word: Buy it now!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Burlesque Bucks!

For those of you who didn't receive your burlesque buck at our grand opening, please feel free to print this out and use it next time you visit us!!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Opening Party

Thanks for such an amazing turnout Saturday night! We had a full house all night long with music, food and shopping! The night started off at 6pm we greeted clients with white wine, cupcakes and a diverting atmosphere! Guys and dolls piled in and enjoyed the festivities all night long including Jive dancing and music by Luc Osmani on the second floor! We presented our new collection of corsets, shoes, clothing, vintage fashion as well as Vintage Love dresses and apparel. Clients were pleased to hear about all our services, including Pinup Photography, custom show-costumes on-site fitting and one of a kind fashion creations. The night was a big success, thank you to everyone that came out & helped out, including: Stef Porter, Claudine Normand, Velma Candyass, Natasha Clayton, Red Rocket, Van Demon, Oui Oui Encore and so many more! We love you! xox

We hosted a bootleg art show in our photography studio, featuring work by Alice dans la Lune, Hilary Jane, Oui Oui Encore, Chen-Je Chen, Natasha Clayton, Pin-striping by Renny Jesic and Guillame Ozoux.
The art made for interesting conversation and a really beautiful backdrop to such a fantastic night!
Baked goods prepared especially for the night! Baked by Stef Porter, myself and Candy Topps Cupcakes. We had piles of candy laying around for everyone's indulgence, as well as bowls of candied feet, berries and gummy bears!
Many Burlesque performers attended the event to our delight! With street performances by Morxia Marla (left), Nadia (Hawaiian dance, centre) and Vintage Love (right). Street-goers were encouraged to break balloons for prizes and participate in their antics for gift certificates! They definitely cause quite a stir up and down St-Denis!
Vintage Love doning her infamous balloon costume!
We were also thrilled to have the Fabulous Velma Candyass give a private performance, Velma gave us a strip-tease like no other to a studio full of cheering fans. Needless to say there was so much glitter and flower petals everywhere I think we'll be finding it for days! It was amazing!
Thanks again to everyone that came out for our opening and we're hoping to see all of you again real soon! come check us out at 1695 St-Denis, Montreal Qc.
Opening Hours:
Tuesday & Wednesday - 12pm to 5pm
Thursday & Friday - 12pm to 8pm
Saturday - 12pm to 5pm
Sunday & Monday - Closed

Here's what one client shared with us this morning:

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Standard Sets!

Many people ask us what our sets look like - though we work primarily with photoshop to create cool backdrops, we do have some standards - here they are some examples (missing from photos: retro staircase, Tiki balcony, makeup room):

Candy Stripped wallpaper

Gold Leaf Drapes

Pink Decadent Housewife

Brick Wall

Dark lounge area

Damask wall

Light & Feminine Sitting Area

Shag Carpet

Red Damask Drapes

Paper Backdrops: Black, White, Pink, Yellow, Blue, Red, Grey and Green

I'd also like to note that we do many on-location shoots, so if you have a spot you'd really love to be photographed at, don't be shy! We also build sets, depending on your request and hold monthly specials with a new design each month!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Saving The Weenies & Other Puppy Related Specials

For the second year in a row on September 10th we'll be hosting a photo booth for your four legged friends at the annual Doxie Run at the dog park in NDG, photos will be 5$ and part of the proceeds go to Tiny Paws Dog Rescue and The Animal Welfare Centre of Montreal. Though the events are dachshund related people are welcome to bring all their furry friends as happy spectators. There are tons of prizes, good food and great people which make the event such a huge success. Going to an event like this makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside; knowing that you get to indulge in all the cute dogs dresses as Oscar Meyer Wieners as well as support a cause that helps abandoned and abused dogs trust and love humans again. Definitely a Saturday afternoon well spent! check out the website here:
Since the races last year we've been asked on a regular basis to incorporate pets into our pinup shoots - in fact it occurs often enough that we've set a package for your furry friends. The Man's Best Friend package includes: sets, props and costumes as well as treats and all your photos on a USB for you to take home right after the shoot.

Recently I subjected my own dogs to this form of cruel and unusual punishment, Jazz (centre) is too much of a princess to be coerced into any embarrassing poses - but Diesel (left, centre back and right) can be convinced to do anything in the hopes of cookies and squirrels.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Grand Opening Of Our New Boutique

Come out and help us celebrate the opening of our little Corset & Pinup Boutique, as well as our new photo studio and 2012 calendar! Cupcakes and cocktails for everyone, as well as music, dancing and burlesque performances throughout the night!
We'll be handing out "Burlesque Bucks" for everyone dressed in pinup or burlesque attire - valid in our boutique until the end of August.

Take advantage of wholesale corsets, one of a kind pinup creations, vintage made new, rockabilly chic and much more!

The boutique carries:
-Corset designs from all over the world
-Bettie Page Clothing
-Too Fast Clothing
-Vintage Love Clothing and accessories
-Blue Bayer Jewellery
-Iron Fist Clothing, shoes and Accessories
...and much more!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Viva Lacholita Rocks My World!

Viva Lacholita is quite the empowering woman! She's beautiful, sweet and a hot performer! Check out her latest interview:

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Merci Fédérique!

Another nice review!

Also; an anonymous client giving feedback on a partner site:

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Big News!

For all you fans who find our loft is a little out of reach, we've got some big news! We'll be moving to Saint-Denis in July! You can come visit us at 1693-A from 12pm to 6pm Tuesday & Wednesday and from 12pm to 9pm Thursday and Friday and Saturdays from 10am to 3pm. The boutique is a stone's throw away from the Berri-UQAM metro station.
Our Boutique will be carrying Vintage Love, Se7en Deadly, Bettie Page, Sourpuss, Too Fast, Iron Fist, Blue Bayer Jewellery, Retro-A-Go-Go and more! Of course we'll still have our fabulous line of burlesque corsets and costumes, hosiery and burlesque accessories from all over the world! Our Photo studio will be moving with us as well, we'll now offer themed monthly specials and of course our classic backdrops.

Our Classic line of Burlesque Corsets

Burlesque Accessories, including: Fans, Whips and Boas
Hosiery and Burlesque Under-Garments

Too Fast Cirque Couture

Se7en Deadly Apothecary Inspired Tees and Tops

Blue Bayer Mini Replica Jewellery made in NYC

Iron Fist Shoes, classic and a little wild!

Bettie Page Clothing

Burlesque Stage-Wigs

Vintage Love Clothing

Glam Punk Necklaces

Retro-A-Go-Go Rings and Accessories

Funky Purses (don't worry we have all the classics too!)

SourPuss Clothing

Tons of Hair Gear, Including: Bows, Flowers, Hats, Pins, Flowers and More!