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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sexy & I Know It (Done Right)

Pop can be fun - sometimes. But I'm one of those people that it begins to grate on my nerves quickly. A friend of mine posted this video and all of a sudden I like this song.... Go figure!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Candy Nail Bar Is Still Delicious!

I have nothing bad to say about Tamara Di Lullo's Candy Nail Bar - The place is gorgeous, the prices are fair & I love what they do. I get one day off every 2 weeks or so and I like to spend that day doing one thing for myself (otherwise I will go crazy!) - That thing is usually a manicure by Tamara & her excellent staff. Check out their fantastic job from yesterday! 
Obviously I went ├╝ber girly this time around, much to my boyfriend's dismay.
The conversation went like this: 
J: Polka dots? Really? Did they screw up the colour?
Me: Uhm, no. And it's supposed to be lace mother f*$%er. And it's cute, so whatever.
J: If you say so.
Obviously he's a man of simple tastes & pink rhinestones just don't do it for him like they do me ;)

I'm back to work today- 4 shoots scheduled today & working on our 100+ retouching due by next week. I've noticed that some of the emails coming in have gone to Spam/Trash when sent through our website - I'm terribly sorry for this & if you haven't heard a timely response from us please write us directly at:

Never Before Seen & Recently Released

Here's a collection of photos I haven't released yet but love the shit out of them :)
Valerie Cash in the Steampunk set

Valerie Cash in the Steampunk set

Velma Candyass as a killer crow in the Birdcage Set

Napalm Natty

The most adorable Kitty Kin-Evil in the Candy set

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Internet Shenanigans

These artists obviously didn't have experienced PR people.

Please don't... the one on the left looks a little too excited about Jesus for my comfort.

There are no words that can encompass this tremendous fail (or win?)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I have one "time wasting" pleasure, and its name is Bethesda Software.
I love their games, I have countless hours invested into Fallout alone!!!
Soo, I'm terribly excited for this new jewel!

Scandal Eyes?! Hardly!

Presenting Rimmel Scandal Eyes

Where to find it: Drug Stores
Use: Moustache care -(joking)- Makeup ;)
Ease of use: Medium to poor
Smell: Subtle makeup smell
Packaging: Bright orange, sleek
Price: Around 9$

I picked this up for fun the other day - I figured, why not try a new drugstore mascara - as much as I can rave about MAC or Benefit brand mascaras, not everyone has the 30$ to drop on those products.... I slightly regret it. Ok, I really regret it. Usually when I don't like something, I'll give it to a friend, after all what doesn't suit me may suit another. Trust me though, the panda eye thing is hot on NO ONE. Needless to say it got trashed after two attempts to use it.
A few reasons not to buy it:
- It's too liquid and goes on poorly; I would have called it: "I don't want to look like I'm wearing makeup eyes".... after 4 coats it still looks average, definitely NOT scandalous!!
- It doesn't dry fast, so if you have naturally long lashes like me, that shit is getting everywhere! 
- That damn brush is just stupidly big. I poked myself in the eye repeatedly. I was sober and everything, the brush just naturally wants to dig your eye out! Maybe they should have called it "Lawsuit Eyes"

Final word: For the love of god, don't buy it! If you're looking for a good drugstore mascara, go for the Covergirl Lash Blast Volume (also around 9$). It's awesome! In just two coats people are checking to see if my lashes are real.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Bad Wedding Photography

Clients that are looking for this sort of thing are why I don't do weddings anymore.
Wedding photography is already overly complicated - why add this mess to it?

My eyeballs are burnt out by this horror.
Check out the rest HERE

Monday, May 7, 2012

Random News!

Candy Nail bar is fantastic, this is my week-old manicure today:
Noir demi-lune and an inverse cross? Yes please! (Now before you freak out, actually study your religious symbology. An inverted cross signifies being humble before god. Go take a good look at the pope's "Throne" and what's on the back of it)

So this week with my 58$ (+tip) manicure I have: Glue-gunned the shit out of belly dancing costumes and head pieces, took apart my giant birdcage set (sniff!) and put up my 1001 Arabian Nights set (yay!), Cleaned the studio, Shut my left hand in a car door, had 2 drunken bar nights (what?!), snapped over 3000 photos, moved a pink coffin and etc... The manicure is like superman. Impenetrable. I really got glue everywhere on them and had to scrape the glue off with a knife. Just look at those suckers up there!! They're still all shiny and shit! Love it! Worth every single penny.

Speaking of coffins; check out this bad boy:
Candy pink with a black furry interior! Sweet!

Kent from Kustom Koffins dropped this off last week. We're all a bunch of girly-girls at the studio so I think we each spent about 30 minutes hugging it/talking about how fabulous it is/fighting about who gets to bring it home. Needless to say, we're planning a candy vampire photo shoot in the near future :)

In other news, I was very pleased with my morning client's reaction to the new 1001 Arabian Nights set. Distracted by Diesel's (the boxer dog) cuteness she walked into the studio with her head down while baby talking him and kissing him... when she looked up she gasped & said "Oh. My. Fu%ing God..... This is.... Oh my god. Can I live in this?" Yes. For an hour anyway :) Thanks for making my day!

Diesel and his toy hoarding cuteness :)

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Arabian Nights at Glamour MTL

After several requests by Montreal area belly dancers; we decided to pay homage to my favourite story book as a child; 1001 Nights. I think I've mentioned before my feather fetish - but I knew with an arabian theme I could get away with stuffing my set full of silk and peacock feathers. After some intense antiquing and bargaining we managed to pick up two antique persian lanterns, a beautiful Shisha and about 200 peacock feathers. A HUGE thank you to Bittersweet Billie and Chiquita Bourlet for helping me put together the curtains and various elements of the set!

You'll be able to take advantage of this set from now until mid-July - 150$ includes hair, makeup, costuming, accessories, all images taken as well as one high-res retouched image of your choice. Bachelorette parties, Birthdays and private shoots are all welcome!
Check out some of our light test shots:
Stef Porter wearing the costume I made, Hair and Makeup By Stef

Exotic Bloom, Hair by Chiquita Bourlet, Costume by Lavender May

Obviously, as you can see, I wanted rich colour and tons of texture, not only in the fabrics but in the lanterns, feathers and tassels! To me, nothing says luxurious like this set!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Coffee Keeps Me Busy

A client today went to the bathroom and noticed my garbage can had "just a few" Tim Hortons cups... She raised her eyebrows and said: "Someone likes their coffee".... What? Isn't it normal to drink 5 large double doubles a day? (Thank god she didn't see the backstore full of empty wine bottles and... ahem... klassy wine boxes...)

On a side note - we're in the process of building our 1001 Nights set; take a look at our starting inspiration below:

I basically want to take this draping purple and gold backdrop and fill it with peacock feather trees, silk cushions, gorgeous purple and gold carpets, lanterns and a few other surprises.... Stay tuned for photos!

I also want to thank everyone for their patience - I know we've been hard to reach & communicate with. Between 9 hours of shooting a day and 900+ people to get back to, we're doing our best!!! Please continue to call, we'll reach you as soon as we can!