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Monday, September 24, 2012

A little responsibility please, Quartier Latin

Yesterday, 2 junkie squeegee kid's MASSIVE dogs, a Rottweiler/Pitbull/Great Dane mix and a German Shepard attacked Diesel, my leash trained, well behaved Boxer in the Quartier latin, in front of the McDonalds. These dogs were not on leashes, mine was. Diesel was severely bit on the leg and today it's so swollen that he cannot walk on it. THANK GOD for Claudine Normand who threw herself in front of
 the other dogs to protect Diesel - who's collar was ripped off him in the dog fight. I called the police, made a complaint and hope that something will be done. SHAME ON YOU squeegee kids, you are irresponsible pet owners and because of people like you these normally sweet breeds of dog get bad reputations. You should not own pets if you cannot train them and you should DEFINITELY NOT be bringing them into touristic areas where there are animals and small children. Let me be clear, if my dog was not a massive, muscular boxer and was instead a (let's say Yorkie) - MY DOG WOULD BE DEAD. What are you going to do about this Quartier Latin? I think it's about time you spend some of that festival budget on cleaning up the junkies around this area.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Little More Rocky

A little more Rocky with Delvida Douglas, Sailor Jassie and Bon Bon Bombay!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Off With Their Heads!

Model & MUAH: Sailor Jassie
Photo: Marisa Parisella
Corset: Vintage Love

Got to love the Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

PRICING! Revised and Updated!


-BEST VALUE: 150$ Includes hair and makeup, set styling, wardrobe, 20 minutes of shooting and 1 final photo retouched and all your proofs on your USB Key.
-SIMPLE PORTRAIT: 50$ Includes set styling, wardrobe, 20 minutes of shooting and 1 final photo retouched. All extra images are an additional 10$. (You may purchase the entire set of photos for an additional 50$)
-PRIVATE PHOTOSHOOT: 350$ Includes all proofs on your USB Key, 5 final photos retouched, hairstyle, makeup, wardrobe and 2 hours of shooting.
-PRIVATE PHOTOSHOOT (Without hair and makeup): 250$Includes all proofs on your USB Key, 4 final photos retouched, 2 hours of shooting.
-PRIVATE PHOTOSHOOT: 150$ Includes: wardrobe, 1 hour shoot, 3 final photos and you keep all additional proofs taken during the shoot.

Ask us about special group rates for parties and birthdays!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Rocky Horror Picture Show!

Who doesn't love The Rocky Horror Picture Show? Sweet Transvestites and man-made muscle men? Meatloaf on a chopper? Leather, lace and ultra high heels WITH sparkles? Aliens? Virgins giving themselves over to the dark side? Hell yes! Sign us up!

This set is very much an inspiration of the ballroom  stage in "Sweet Transvestite". We kept it simple this time around - Stairs with a red runner leading to a fabulous black velvet baroque chair surrounded by red velvet curtains. The mood lighting is dark yet glimmers with ballroom light. Bittersweet Billie designed some amazing costumes for this particular set - including a modern take on Frank 'n' Furter's rockin' corset and garters (stay tuned for photos) - even the leather jacket!

In this set the focus is on YOU - in all your 70's glam rock glory!
150$ includes: hair, makeup, costuming, shoot, all your images and one final retouched photo!

Bittersweet Billie

Lavender May

Lavender May

Bittersweet Billie

Hair and makeup by Lavender May, Costuming by Bittersweet Billie and Vintage Love, Set concept by Marisa Parisella, Stair Construction by Joe Guilmond.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sailor Jassie & Lavender May Rock Our Pink Kustom Koffin

So, we were saving these photos for Halloween - but we got wind of another photographer planning to do a very similar thing and we realized we just couldn't wait. S(he)'s allowed to do it of course, and I'm sure it will be gorgeous - it always is. We just didn't want any threats and/or bitchy Facebook comments about being copied, since it was an idea we came up with for Kustom Koffins many months ago...

.... and monster movies since the beginning of time.
.... and about 1000 other model/photographers.

Fuck. Can't anyone have fun anymore without someone being stuck up about it?
Here are a few of the shots, (un) dressing Lavender May was pretty hilarious and Jassie is pretty frickin' amazing too. Enjoy!

Hair and makeup by Sailor Jassie, Photos: Marisa Parisella, Pink Coffin: Kustom Koffins


Val sent me this amazing text yesterday - 
It made my morning.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Montreal Fetish Weekend - A beginner's point of view

Sunday September 2nd we were invited to host a photo booth for Montreal Fetish Weekend's Steampunk Ball. The world of fetish is new to all of us (except Stef who is a regular fetish catwalk model both here and in Las Vegas) and we were pretty excited to attend this visual feast. 

If you would have asked me five years ago what I thought of fetishists I would have told you (with my very limited knowledge) about how they like to walk around naked and abuse each other. Since opening my photo studio though, I've had some pretty amazing fetish clients come through my life with eye-opening point of views. People tend to associate fetishism as a psychological problem that involves sexual desire for objects or situations... This is just not the case and it's unfair to throw everyone into the same basket. This is a genuine case of "don't judge a book by it's cover". Though fetishists may have enhanced sexual drives and turn ons out of character with social norms; it all really boils down to people who like to have a whole lot of fun.

As I witnessed, some fetishes are simple (attraction to: blondes, brunettes, thin, round or any other sort of physical attribute). Others are more complicated like: bondage, sensory deprivation and asphyxiation.  But in the end you can summarize what the event has to offer as: There's something for everyone.

Visually, I'm in love with the fetish scene. It's beautiful, creative (and so shiny)! People are open, without inhibitions but with respect to other's boundaries. I had an interesting conversation with a dominatrix about latex, her kids, and politics - She then asked me if I'd like to be spanked, to which I declined. We laughed and had a drink. THE END. No one forced me to do anything I didn't want to do (let's face it, I'm uptight when it comes to public displays of ANYTHING). No one was inappropriate towards me and EVERYONE was interesting, creative and amazing. I met latex designers who create incredible pieces for a living, Transvestites who run their own shows, Doms that moonlight as proffessionals during work hours, Lawyers, Artists, Models, etc... etc...
And what you must realize by now is that these are all highly functioning, intelligent and tax paying citizens- by the hundreds. I didn't see one person wearing an outfit costing less than a small fortune. Not one person that looked unhealthy, or on welfare. These are not the degenerates that our grandparents told you about. These people are quite frankly, amazing. My hat's off to them for doing what they love and bringing pleasure to themselves and others. A giant congratulations to Eric Pardis for organizing an incredible festival - Montreal Fetish Weekend will blow your mind! Also a big thank you to Kustom Koffins for suggesting us and supplying our amazing props! Kent, you rock!

 In the mean time, I've purchased my first pair of latex gloves from Madria Latex. Baby steps people! Baby Steps!

Here are a few shots from this crazy-fun night! xox

Introducing Sailor Jassie, Our New Makeup Artist!

"Passionate about all forms of art, I've decided to follow my true passion; makeup. I have been doing my own makeup ever since I started modeling and I have a lot of experience in that field. I am very creative, hardworking and extremely passionate about my work. I attended l'Academie Edith Serei in Montreal and graduated in March 2012." - Jassie

All I have to say is: she's pretty amazing; sweet, charismatic... and exceptionally talented. Jassie's also an accomplished model, hair stylist and a true animal lover. I'm very blessed to be surrounded by such an exceptional crew of women (and our handy-men boyfriends)! Every single day we create something new, have fun, laugh and (bitch) like a family. People walk in stressed and nervous and walk out like goddesses. EVERY TIME. Thank you ladies for making Glamour Montreal/Pinup Parties your home.

AND a big thank you to our clients who are patient and know the long wait is worth the experience. For those of you still looking to book please feel free to stop by the studio friday and saturday afternoons or message us through Facebook - We're backed up in call-backs so this is always your best bet!