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Monday, April 19, 2010

Marions-Nous & Vera Strobele

Here’s the final result of the Marions-Nous photo shoot. Originally the shoot was going to be very neutral and textured with very bright jewelry to contrast pale skin, clothes and dark makeup. However, last minute the idea was changed and I showed up at the site not knowing what to expect… In walk 4 girls with fluorescent tutus, fluorescent veils, peacock feathers and fluorescent lipstick. Oh my. For a moment I was worried that I couldn’t pull this one off! However, in the end the girls look like goddesses. Hair blowing in the wind (an amazing Mohawk on Vera), vibrant colors and intense eyes all sell exactly what the jewelry is: FUN. The final ad, to be featured in the fall edition of Marions-Nous, is clean, to the point and focused more on the ladies & their bobbles than on content. I have to say I’m pretty pleased with the result. More ads from Vera’s line to come soon. Visit her site:

Skip Creations

Skip creations is a great little company that makes one of a kind pieces out of silver & gold with pearls, diamonds, enamel & natural stones. The pieces are unique, fitting together or with a hand made texture. Visit Skip’s site:

Family Photos

Most people have department store photos hanging on their walls when it comes to family photos. Nothing against those photos – but – they rarely represent the character, the fun nor the exuberance of a family! What about photos with your pets, in the park where you pick-nick, in front of your flower gardens? I try to portray your family to the best of my abilities. People always call me back after receiving their photos to tell me how happy and surprised they were; surprised how genuine and cheerful the portraits turned out.

Latest Zombie Pinup

Here’s my latest sketch for my next watercolor. Again, I’m still sticking to the zombies & pinups. This time, however, I went with a much more gruesome face and eventually little bits will be flying off here and there as she’s using one of those late 50’s rump shakers that supposedly keeps you in shape. There’s actually a famous photo of a redhead pinup using one of these things which I’ve based my painting on. I hope people see the humor in this… I’ve taken this whole series quite literally - the obsession with beauty will be the end of us!

Friday, April 2, 2010

3 questions you should ask before choosing your photographer:

What is the delay before I see my proofs?
-It should never be more than 3 months after the wedding date; I usually start sending my clients photos after the first week. I like to send highlights and the best couple shots, family photos, etc...

What resolution will my photos be in?
-Your resolution should be 300dpi or more. They should also be full size which allows you to print at various sizes. I use 350dpi or more and I send all images full size (printable from 4”x6” to 8”x10”). I always offer larger sizing, 11”x17” or more as a free service to my clients up to one year after the wedding date.

What style of photography do you love?
-It’s important to have a photographer that is on the same page as you. A photojournalistic photographer can always do classic portraits or funky setups but will always excel in their personal preferences. If your friend takes great scenery photos, it doesn’t mean that s/he will have the same passion for romantic portraits nor be able to capture emotions. Also, another important thing to know is weather YOU want a photographer snapping photos and moving around during your ceremony or not.

I love photojournalistic photography and like to throw in my own kind of fun setups. I like to get people to pose for me, make them laugh and then capture that moment when they let their personalities shine through and put their guard down. These, I find, are the most emotional and beautiful kinds of photos… not to mention 100% genuine. I leave the decision up to you as far as walking around during the ceremony. I prefer to make the day as unproblematic as it can be by complying with your wishes.

Why is it important to have a photographer at my event?

It’s always important to capture moments that will be sentimental and keepsake, also, family affairs are often the only times that we all get together & we look our best! When hosting a glamorous event you want your photos to reflect the time, effort and money you’ve devoted to your event. Needless to say Uncle Joe’s low res digital camera just isn’t going to cut it, not to mention he’ll be missing from all the photos! When you look back on your day you want to see fun, excitement, emotion… you want your photos to be spectacular and you want them to capture all the little things you might have missed on your big day – not red faces or under-exposed party pictures. A photographer looks for all of this, corrects it and takes the best possible shot. A photographer will use filters & lighting to their advantage and the final result will be a glamorous one, just like your event. You’ll look back on these photos for years to come and with a professional photographer you’ll be able to relive the day with all the beauty and splendor that it truly was.

Sexy pinups

One thing is for sure, men love a woman that’s confident and sexy. Even better when it’s their wife/girlfriend! Every single man I’ve talked to that has received my photos as a gift from their significant other has been blown away! It was never anything they expected and it ignited a new found intimacy in the relationship. I say: if your man is going to fantasize about a woman in lingerie that woman might as well be you!


Child portraits are sometimes the most comical and genuine. They are uninhibited by their self-consciousness like adults and are more expressive and outright funny.

Yet another Zombie Pinup

Once again I've merged my two loves.... Zombies and Pinups. Enjoy!