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Monday, December 26, 2011

Nivole, A Wine After my Own Heart

A refreshing alternative to bubbly: Nivole Michele Chiarlo Moscato d'Asti 2010

This is a fantastic wine that my hubby brought home from the SAQ - it's heaven for 12$.
This white wine has the refreshing bubbly feel of champagne but with the floral and fruity taste of a young white wine. It goes down so smooth that before you know it you're on your third bottle. Though it's listed as a dessert wine, I find it fantastic with salty crackers, 3+ year old gouda and best of all: Foie Gras. It's worth a try, especially since you'll easily pay 30$ for a bottle half as tasty!

Michael O'Rourke Rocks my World

Big price for big results

Presenting Michael O'Rourke's Rock Your Hair
Where to find it: Salons, Online
Use: Hair care and styling
Ease of use: So easy!
Smell: Subtle citrusy smell and all around goodness!
Packaging: Hot pink, gothic lettering and a rhinestone heart - let's face it, I would have bought it for the packaging alone!
Price: Around 20$ per item

My good friend Claudine offered me this set for Christmas knowing my absolute love of pink/glitter/rhinestones/big hair. I have to say I'm pretty f-ing impressed with this product. Anyone that knows me, knows my love for jumbo hair (like any good Italian woman does). My only problem is that my hair is so thick and long that it doesn't take much for it to go flat (I REFUSE to cut layers in my hair, don't you dare suggest it!). To keep a big style I have to tease all over and re-tease halfway though the day. I've used volume sprays, powders, shampoos - anything and everything and nothing holds all day without maintenance. THEN Rock Your Hair came into my life. I am in love and though it's expensive it's worth the investment. This morning I used the shampoo/conditioner combo - they're Sulfate and Paraben free and colour safe too - followed by the Size Matters Big Volume Root Lift, which you spray in your wet hair and then blow dry with a round brush, lifting the roots as you dry. Already at this point I had big hair, as if I sprayed it with a whole can of hairspray upside-down like a Madonna wanna-be from the 80's - but without the rock hard texture! Next I sprinkled the bombshell powder and massaged it into my roots - this gives instant volume and texture, makes your roots shine AND it smells good! For good measure I did some minimal teasing and then sprayed my roots with the Spray It Hard Hairspray. I did all this at about 11 am, the whole process took about 20 minutes.... 12 hours later - I STILL HAVE BIG HAIR! No extra teasing, no extra damage, my hair looks like a rock star. I LOVE it! This is a fantastic product that delivers. It does what it promises it will do all in a hot pink kitsch packaging.

Final word: Buy it now, spend the extra dollars for a hot result!