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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Madness & Other Mushy Shit

I pretty much feel that muse can do no wrong. Then I listened to this album. God I hate it when men get all sentimental. It's good sex music... I guess. If you like it all gentle and shit.
To be fair, Muse's The 2nd Law isn't all bad. There are a few good songs including their single:

Even though he gives me the impression he'd take longer in the bathroom and would want to discuss manicures for an hour.... I'd still bang him.
Final verdict? Worth a listen. It's got a good groove & like all their albums there's a fantastic flow - like you're listening to an epic story and not just corporate bullshit.

Fail for Bic

Really? A special pen for ladies? FAIL. Serious fail.

Sunday, October 21, 2012


I'm not usually a fan of hipster music - but this is pretty spot on & lovely in it's awkwardness.

Speakeasy Burlesque le 29 Octobre!

Le 29 octobre prochain, les spectres de l'abreuvoir ressortent des noirceurs pour vous apeurer et vous causer la frousse! Nous vous avons concocté une soirée speakeasy burlesque spéciale Halloween avec beaucoup de prix à gagner et beaucoup des cheveux à perdre. Un parfait mélange entre séduction et frissons, des monstres et jolies filles séduisantes dans les même soirée? est-ce réellement possible? Et bien venez le constaté par vous même le 29 octobre à 21h Avec l'épatante kitty kin evil, la flamboyante Vel
ma Candyass, La Séduisante Mlle OuiOui Encore, La coquine Lavender May, L'Unique Charlie Pickle, la fantastique Betty Wild et plusieurs invitée surprises!!!

Prix à gagner au costumes les plus épeurant!!!
Ouverture des portes 20h30
Spectacle 21h

Prix d'entrée 15$
ou 10$ pour ceux qui seront costumésEN MONSTRES CLASSIQUE!

Audrey la Sirène

Makeup artist Audrey Ivory stopped by this week for a quick couple of shots with her class project - Love the cheeks!


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Zombies for Dancing

Dragonette is so yummy!

Hommage to a Living Dead Beauty

Audrey Ivory, a makeup artist that I regularly photograph asked me to shoot her school project - a living dead Marilyn Monroe. I have a few Hilary Jane prints up behind my desk (of her living dead Marilyn Monroe) so of course I said yes. The always lovely Lavender May volunteered to embody the living dead legend; I think she did a flawless job. Audrey created the entire prosthetic by hand, including the teeth! She also hand painted Lavender's entire body live green and if you take a closer look there are even cockroaches in her hair - yumm!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Madria Dulce Visits the Studio

Last Friday, the lovely Madria visited our studio to model my chain lingerie - which I made by hand at the studio. The piece is rather revealing (to put it lightly) and requires a woman with body confidence - when Madria walked in the studio for our Madria Latex Party (for Fetish Weekend) she took one look at it and told us: "I'm shooting in that" - I knew I had found my model. Many amazing women have since let me know they want to shoot in it too, but I had promised Madria she'd be first! 

The piece is now part of our permanent collection and is hugely inspired by Agent Provocateur. It features over 10 meters of pearls, 10 meters of chain and a lovely white shimmy skirt adorned with pearls once again.

Madria, of course, is a fantastic model who knows exactly what she likes and doesn't like - which makes photographing her a breeze. We had a full set in under 20 minutes!
A lovely young woman full of talent - check her out HERE

Friday, October 5, 2012

Creative Makeup With Sailor Jasie

Jacinthe is an amazing makeup artist. Period.

A couple of days ago we had a marathon makeup day with various montreal models; including: Yael Perez, Annabelle, Emraude De Lioncourt, Viola Von Kitten, Valérie Cash, Samantha Katherine and Ann-Claire.
Here are some shots from the day: