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Thursday, November 10, 2011

November/December Monthly Special - Hilary Jane

For those of you who don't know her, Hilary Jane is a lowbrow horror tattoo artist here in Montreal. She's made designs for companies like Too Fast Apparel, Lowbrow Art Company and more... In fact her work is so good that a lot of ballsy douchebags try to rip off her art on a regular basis. She currently works at MTL Tattoo, where she inks amazing life-like portraits as well as her neo-traditional victorian ladies, always with elements of religion, vanity, decay and sorrow. We love her work so much, we figured it was about time to make her art come to life.

Wednesday afternoon Hilary came in for our light test in the set inspired by her. She's a trooper! Jane sat through 3 hours of hair and makeup (see photos below). Marie-Sophie (our talented stylist and clothing designer) replicated makeup and hair styles that Hilary uses in her illustrations, including real stag horns, flowers, pearls, haute-coiffure and feathers.

Want to participate in our Hilary Jane Promo? Don't hesitate, spots are going fast!

"Become a dark, elegant and surreal alter-ego"

Available at the studio from November 10th to December 24th 2011.
Complete Package: 150$
Includes: Custom hair, makeup, special set, accessories, several costumes, shoes, jewellery, 100-150 photos which you can leave with the same day!
For info call: 514-473-3218 or email:

Custom Costumes designed by Marie-sophie Rondeau of Vintage Love, Set designed by Marisa Parisella based on artwork by Hilary Jane Petersen - Check out her work here:

Preview some Light Test shots:

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Retiring the Candy set. Meanwhile, Hilary Jane Inspires us...

Monday night we did our last shoot in our much loved (and eaten) Candyland with our very own Lavender-Mai. Marie-Sophie outdid herself in makeup and costuming, going all out in pinks and sparkles. Marie-Sophie (Vintage Love) created a corset full of rhinestones, glitter and candy. It could not have been more of a kitsch girl-fest! For the shoot, we basically went in and threw around the candy for 30 minutes! The photo below is by far one of my favourites and I'm happy to have it as our last candy shoot.

We're already putting together our next set, inspired by a Montreal tattoo artist, Hilary Jane. Everyone at the studio drools over her tattoo art on a regular basis and we figured it was about time we pay homage to her work. After doing so many Ultra-Vibrant shoots lately, it was fun to switch to something so dark yet very feminine and powerful. I've put together a black on black set featuring an oversized leather chesterfield chaise, shag carpets, fur pillows, ornate frames & chandelier, taxidermy bats flying out of their cage as well as Hilary's signature roses. Marie-Sophie (Vintage Love) is hard at work creating an ornate costume that is mix & matchable to any size corset, featuring cameos, neck corsets, lace and bustles. Clients will be able to choose the degree of makeup and hairstyling they require going from the extreme; featuring stag horns and pale skin with mascara running down their cheeks to a more general Marie-Antoinette inspiration. Hilary will be in next week for our light test so stay tuned for the final shots! Below I've thrown in a photo of our set elements so far- take a closer look for flower head pieces and taxidermy bats ;)

Various elements for the new set, including: taxidermy bats, stag horns for your coiffure, various flower and pearl head pieces as well as intricate costuming and jewellery options and
crucifixes (of course!)

From Hilary's website:
"I am a lowbrow horror artist and tattoo artist from Montreal.
I am mostly known for creating works that condone the sin of vanity; by juxtapozing beautiful pinups and high society dames with dark subject matters such as disentegration, death and resurection.
Inspired by the enchanting visuals of costume history, religious Renaissance art, baroque art and the living dead, I take great joy in drawing beautiful women in dramatic outfits, decorated with bizarre millinery and taxidermy [...]"

To see more of her work for inspiration, check out:

Meanwhile, we're already working on our NEXT set, after Hilary Jane. In January we're going to be spoiling you with a Retro Circus! Complete with Lion Tamers, Trapeze Artists, Freak-shows, Dancing Girls and a Carousel Horse. Stay tuned!