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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Laval Bike and Tattoo 2012

Once again we'll be at the Laval Bike and Tattoo Expo with a booth packed full of pinup gear, corsets, high heels and hot Pinups! This year the event organizers asked us to do live pinup shooting with bikes and expo enthusiasts, we'll have a second booth set up beside our regular one for people that want to take photos with the models or just watch the process of a photo shoot - should be interesting and fun! Our models range in age and size - which I think is very important because as a society we tend to group things into "one or the other". Curvy girls think only curvy is hot, thin girls think only thin is hot, young vs. old - WAKE UP! You're ALL HOT! I think it's about time we stop discriminating and start celebrating.... Plus these biker dudes seem to be a big fan of any size/age as long as ladies are dressed as a pinup or burlesque performers - which I find infinitely amusing and AWESOME.
Stop by and see us April 20th to the 22nd at the sport expo centre in Laval and take some photos with us!

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