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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

DIE ANTWOORD will leave you feeling traumatized - (but the good kind that makes you re-evaluate art)

Just like a train wreck, I cannot look away. In fact I go back and watch it over and over again. It's hypnotizing. I'm kind of in love with this, for reasons no one in my household can understand.
I love their anti-hollywood, coke induced, shock-value videos. Plus their macabre sets are just plain dirty/sexy.

These two have a baby together, which blows my mind and probably infuriates 90% of social conformists, bible thumpers and conservatives alike. Art is subjective - look at all the hard work and detail that these two have put into their visuals, I can get behind that... plus all their music is really catchy ;)

Video and stills copyright Roger Ballen & NINJA (Director of Photography Melle Van Essen)

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karla13 said...

I've been in love with them since 3 years now, they`re so badass :D