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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tattooed Lady part Deux

So, when I was 17 I made a bad tattoo decision. I went over the reasons why in the last tattooed lady post - but basically I can't stand looking at it. Tattoos are scars we wear with pride but at a certain point (aesthetically speaking) you need to maintain it or cover it up because that tattoo just isn't doing anything for you anymore. Here's the evil offender:
Yep. That's Cantonese for "friendship" but for all I know it could mean "crazy bitch"

I got the piece in memory of a friend that passed away with the same tattoo. As I said before, I love my friend but I hate that f-ing tattoo. So, I decided it was time for my first cover-up. A couple of friends asked me what I had against Character tattoos - the truth is: nothing. I just hated the look on me and I find that my taste has evolved since 10 years ago. I get tattoos now for aesthetics and I prefer to invest time and money into pieces that are beautiful and well done (especially the visible ones).

Last week I went to MTL Tattoo to see Hilary; Hilary Jane is the tattoo artist that drew and worked on my amazing arm piece. I find it's the most beautiful piece on my body so naturally I went to go see her again for my cover-up project. I told her I loved her bird tattoos, roses, pearls and her crucifix pins through the heart. In just a couple of days she came back to me with an amazing sketch:
As usual, it was EXACTLY what I wanted. (Photo courtesy Hilary Jane)

The whole tattoo took about 3 1/2 hours and was done all in one sitting. It went rather fast and like all tattoos it hurt like a bitch at the time and I swore it was my last one; but now 24 hours later I have trouble remembering why I was such a whiny baby and am already planning my next one. I had a harder time with this one because I couldn't see where the needle was going to pierce (I was laying on my side for easier access to my ankle and side of my foot). I find being able to see where the pain is coming from makes it easier to process and overcome; PLUS my feet are super ticklish so a couple of times I burst out into hysterical laughter. It was NOT a pretty picture. Props to Hilary for putting up with me. To her credit she has a very firm and steady hand and when she noticed I was getting fidgety over a spot she'd move on and come back later.
Here's the piece right after my session:
(Photo courtesy Hilary Jane) My foot is so swollen I have a cankle - totally worth it though to be rid of that hideous tattoo. Very successful cover-up!

Needless to say, Hilary's work is fantastic and If you're in the Montreal area you should really check her out. I'll post a healed pic in a few weeks so you can see a less inflated/shiny version.
A couple of people wrote to me and asked the name of the vitamin E cream that I used (they had similar problems with polysporin sucking out their colours). It's called Webber Vitamin E and looks like this:
It's cheap and it works - I recommend it 100%

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