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Friday, February 17, 2012

TV and Radio Blurbs!

This week was pretty interesting for us; we were mentioned on CJAD and featured on the french TV reality show, Opération Séduction.

First, the lovely and talented Yael Perez was featured on CJAD's afternoon current events talk show. They were discussing being a plus-size model and the media's need to photoshop the crap out of everyone - even Adele on the cover of Vogue. She graciously mentioned us while discussing people she wants to work with in the new year! Hear the clip HERE on Yael's site.

Second, we were featured on the dating reality show Opération Séduction. Usually I'm not into the whole drama of reality TV but Anaïs was a past client of mine that I really adored and love to collaborate with. The filming was short and my whole studio had to be cleared out but the staff was really nice and down to earth. I didn't get to see much of their dynamic together but, good for Anaïs for being so straight forward with him - no time for bullshit even on a TV dating show!! After the filming the guy chose his "Favourite date" (which was not Anaïs) but something that made us all laugh at the studio was when the dude came back to pick up his clothes off camera - he asked us if she wasn't too disappointed that he didn't choose her because she seemed really into him.... Marie-Sophie just laughed (while I stood there traumatized) and said: "non, vraiment pas!!" Better luck next time guy ;)
Check out the clip on Opération Séduction

They're kind of cute together, no?
For your entertainment, here's a still with me making a stink face :)

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