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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Exotic birds in my studio, cool clients and more!

As one of my clients said to me today; any girl can get excited over diamonds - but show me feathers and watch out! I have to say, I feel exactly the same. I love feathers, I go to Ultratex on St-Hubert street and compulsively buy/hoard feathers. A giant birdcage just seemed logical...

8 hours of building, painting and assembling later - we had something pretty awesome - Above you're seeing evidence of me zoning out- I find it kind of looks like I'm about to drill Rick in the head! In the end we have a square stage, a golden border with carved roses, golden cage bars draped in elegant gold damask and red fabric - as well as a fully functioning swing.

Something that was very important to me was that the swing be able to support over 250 pounds - I have many plus size clients and I don't want them to miss out on this awesome set. The last thing I want is for someone to feel too heavy to be elegant - because that's so far from the truth!

Below you'll see some light tests with Lavender May, She's the full time makeup artist and costume designer here at the studio. Her costume was entirely made by hand (by her!) - I think the mint looks f-ing fantastic with the gold, silver and black... and that lavender hair!

Our Promo Blurb:
Birds of Paradise Set - Become an international showgirl for a day like Dita VonTeese, Roxy Velvet or even 1930's Zou Zou (Josephine Baker).
The fully functional swing and open cage made completely from scratch in our studio can hold any exotic bird up to 275lbs. Many costumes and light tests to come soon!

Available at the studio from February 13th to March 31st 2012

150$ Includes: Hair, Makeup, Set, Costuming and Accessories, 1 High-Res Retouched Image as well as all your additional images on USB. For booking please contact:

On a side note- I'd like to say a fond goodbye to Eve, the French photographer that's been at the studio over the past few months. Today she's heading back to france to open a studio inspired by our "Pinup Parties". It has been so wonderful getting to know this talented and warm woman - I know her business will be successful, she has a way of making people feel comfortable and sexy! Go check out her fan page on Facebook: Eve Photographie.

Finally; I've had a slew of really great clients lately - I don't know what's up but I've been getting people coming in and telling me that they read my blog, take my advice, try my product reviews and think I'm cool. I have to apologize to these people because I kind of stare at them like they're crazy or I get really bashful. I'm just really touched that People I've never met have taken the time to be interested in what I do and say/think/write. Many women tell me that coming to see me is like a therapy session - they find renewed self-confidence in their inner diva/goddess ... without having to exploit themselves in any way. I have to say, having clients like YOU make me feel good about what I do. I've always known I was on the right track, but it's definitely nice to have that pat on the back every now and then! Thank you.

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