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Friday, March 14, 2014

Studio Man-Crushes

Every day we deal with gorgeous women - we transform them, we photograph them and then we blog about them. About time we list our man-crushes! Here's a whole bunch of dudes we love:

Madds Mikkelsen; you scare me as Hannibal but damn you be sexy

Viggo Mortensen is at his best scruffy and dirty, just sayin' 

Michael Ealy - Could you be any more handsome?
Google him, the answer is YES. 

Greg Grunberg is the guy I want to take home to meet my mom. 
Just look at those dimples! Total "Boy-Next-Door"

And finally, because I'm a total nerd, Dr. Who, just because...
well, who doesn't love a guy with a Fez?
Played by Matt Smith, and by far the best doctor so far.
Yes, I went there Whovians.

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