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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Lavender May & Speakeasy Burlesque

Here's another artsy shot of Lavender May I took last week.
I just want to steal her hair. It's perfection.

The girls at Speakeasy Burlesque asked me for a secret garden poster for their next big show - so, of course, I got a little carried away and went all Sofia Coppola on their ass. 
Anyway, needless to say I overdid it a little. I know I go a little photoshop crazy sometimes!
I still love the poster though, so I'm posting it here as part of my rejected work.

The final poster will be significantly muted focusing on the "painting" I originally created for the centre with all the rococo flowers surrounding Lavender May and my little pug, Lotus. 

Join me at the show on April 17th at L'abreuvoir corner st-Denis/Ontario MTL QC

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