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Friday, March 14, 2014

Unicorn Princess Lavender May & Makeup Reviews

Once again I've had the pleasure of photographing the lovely Lavender May in all her candy coloured glory! The candyland 2 set will be up and running for another 3 months!

In other news, a new shop opened up downstairs and needless to say I've fallen in love. The shop is called DECADENCE COSMETICS run by lovely Montrealer, Meagan Baker. The shop carries skincare and cosmetics from various awesome makeup lines as well as lashes and brushes. She also gives makeup classes for beginners to experts. Here's a list of products I've tried and my review:

The Balm Contouring Kit: 20$ each
WHY: amazing colours, durability and blending

Schwing Eyeliner by The Balm 18$
WHY: This gets a 4/5 only because it's not waterproof. Goes on perfectly, not clumpy or greasy, dries mate and has amazing durability.

Balm Shelter Tinted SPF18 Moisturizer
WHY: WOW is all I have to say for this product. Amazing coverage for a moisturizer, not greasy and can easily be layered for more coverage. PLUS they have the whiter than white line for my delicate, semi-transparent pinup skin. WIN.

Time Balm Concealer
WHY: this gets a 3/5 from me simply because it's too covering. Though, it's perfect for HD camera makeup. Works best with a thick primer.

Time Balm Primer
WHY: YO, you have to try this, no joke. I have transparent white skin, you look at it wrong and a rash pops up. WATER irritates my skin. The struggle is real. This stuff visibly diminished my redness and smoothed my skin in 10 SECONDS. SECONDS!!! Best primer I have EVER used.

Bitch Slap Brow Cream 12$
WHY: it's a little jar of gel for your eyebrows - easy application for that perfect pinup brow. Dries and locks in place but I suggest you lock it in with powder. 

The Balm Lip Plump
WHY: I didn't find much plumping going on, hence the 4/5 BUUUT the minty tinge and the bubble gum smell as well as the non-gooey texture is amazing. The colours seem vibrant but they actually go on much more subtle. I carry this with me everywhere!

Oh My Lash Princess Collection 
WHY: Super huge, long, thick and hand sewn so you can actually reuse them - I've reused mine about 8 times now without any apparent damage or deterioration. Easy to clean & has the prettiest box of LIFE!

Go visit Meg at Decadence - you'll be throwing money at her. She's honed her makeup skills and chosen the best of the best products. You won't be disappointed. 

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