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Monday, May 7, 2012

Random News!

Candy Nail bar is fantastic, this is my week-old manicure today:
Noir demi-lune and an inverse cross? Yes please! (Now before you freak out, actually study your religious symbology. An inverted cross signifies being humble before god. Go take a good look at the pope's "Throne" and what's on the back of it)

So this week with my 58$ (+tip) manicure I have: Glue-gunned the shit out of belly dancing costumes and head pieces, took apart my giant birdcage set (sniff!) and put up my 1001 Arabian Nights set (yay!), Cleaned the studio, Shut my left hand in a car door, had 2 drunken bar nights (what?!), snapped over 3000 photos, moved a pink coffin and etc... The manicure is like superman. Impenetrable. I really got glue everywhere on them and had to scrape the glue off with a knife. Just look at those suckers up there!! They're still all shiny and shit! Love it! Worth every single penny.

Speaking of coffins; check out this bad boy:
Candy pink with a black furry interior! Sweet!

Kent from Kustom Koffins dropped this off last week. We're all a bunch of girly-girls at the studio so I think we each spent about 30 minutes hugging it/talking about how fabulous it is/fighting about who gets to bring it home. Needless to say, we're planning a candy vampire photo shoot in the near future :)

In other news, I was very pleased with my morning client's reaction to the new 1001 Arabian Nights set. Distracted by Diesel's (the boxer dog) cuteness she walked into the studio with her head down while baby talking him and kissing him... when she looked up she gasped & said "Oh. My. Fu%ing God..... This is.... Oh my god. Can I live in this?" Yes. For an hour anyway :) Thanks for making my day!

Diesel and his toy hoarding cuteness :)

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