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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Candy Nail Bar Is Still Delicious!

I have nothing bad to say about Tamara Di Lullo's Candy Nail Bar - The place is gorgeous, the prices are fair & I love what they do. I get one day off every 2 weeks or so and I like to spend that day doing one thing for myself (otherwise I will go crazy!) - That thing is usually a manicure by Tamara & her excellent staff. Check out their fantastic job from yesterday! 
Obviously I went über girly this time around, much to my boyfriend's dismay.
The conversation went like this: 
J: Polka dots? Really? Did they screw up the colour?
Me: Uhm, no. And it's supposed to be lace mother f*$%er. And it's cute, so whatever.
J: If you say so.
Obviously he's a man of simple tastes & pink rhinestones just don't do it for him like they do me ;)

I'm back to work today- 4 shoots scheduled today & working on our 100+ retouching due by next week. I've noticed that some of the emails coming in have gone to Spam/Trash when sent through our website - I'm terribly sorry for this & if you haven't heard a timely response from us please write us directly at:

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