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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Arabian Nights at Glamour MTL

After several requests by Montreal area belly dancers; we decided to pay homage to my favourite story book as a child; 1001 Nights. I think I've mentioned before my feather fetish - but I knew with an arabian theme I could get away with stuffing my set full of silk and peacock feathers. After some intense antiquing and bargaining we managed to pick up two antique persian lanterns, a beautiful Shisha and about 200 peacock feathers. A HUGE thank you to Bittersweet Billie and Chiquita Bourlet for helping me put together the curtains and various elements of the set!

You'll be able to take advantage of this set from now until mid-July - 150$ includes hair, makeup, costuming, accessories, all images taken as well as one high-res retouched image of your choice. Bachelorette parties, Birthdays and private shoots are all welcome!
Check out some of our light test shots:
Stef Porter wearing the costume I made, Hair and Makeup By Stef

Exotic Bloom, Hair by Chiquita Bourlet, Costume by Lavender May

Obviously, as you can see, I wanted rich colour and tons of texture, not only in the fabrics but in the lanterns, feathers and tassels! To me, nothing says luxurious like this set!

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