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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Spitting Fire

A day or so ago; Audrey (my makeup artist) and I were taking a 5 minute break and watching videos. I came across this:

I spat fire - I won't lie

Honestly, I find her ridiculous. She speaks as if men's opinions are the dominant force in society & that a man's opinion is the dominant force in a woman's dignity. Disgusting. Feminism, dignity and equality is based on the intrinsic value you give yourself. How will ours & men's view of us ever change if we treat men like uncivilized sexual beasts that we need to sate at the cost of our own sexual liberation? We're all just people; equal & beautiful. There's nothing wrong with wearing a bikini as long as YOU enjoy it. That being said; I think her bathing suits are cute; but mostly because I don't enjoy (personally) my ass hanging out of teeny tiny lycra triangles ;)

So; let's be clear as fuck right now - WHAT IS FEMINISM?

Feminism is NOT about being less feminine. Feminism is about having the right to be any kind of woman you choose to be and having the exact same rights as everyone else. So all you "FEMINIST" bitches hating on girls in skimpy dresses, latex, bikinis, bitching about dignity (or all you skimpy girls hating on the ladies that like to cover up)- YOU'RE PART OF THE PROBLEM. A TRUE FEMINIST UNDERSTANDS THAT WHAT DIGNITY, RESPECT AND BEING A WOMAN MEANS FOR HERSELF MAY NOT BE THE SAME AS ANOTHER AND TO BE ACCEPTING OF IT - because it's her fucking right as well as yours.

Take dicks out of the equation for once. It's all about the ladies and how we treat each other. 
I'm a prude when it comes to showing my body in public; but everyday I photograph women on all sides of the spectrum - and you know what? I love you all and you're all fucking beautiful.

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