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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A little bit of everything...

I got to work with the crazy gorgeous Alternative Model Cassia Sparkle a couple weeks ago - She's such a beautiful person inside and out; which made her a real pleasure to shoot! She wanted to do something fun with our pink Kustom Koffin; so I figured shooting it in the Dracula's Garden set was our best option. Check it out!

We also did a set in my Inferno Room decor and she introduced me to Sis Void; a local corset designer here in Montréal. As you can see below, Sis's work is rad. She uses all metal boning and mixes PVC, silk and lace. I loved her work so much that I decided to carry some of her stuff at the studio. Something like this goes for about 180$ - which is amazing because I've seen custom corsets of lower quality go for almost double. If you're looking to start waist-training or just looking for a crazy beautiful corset, stop by and check out her stuff!

Hair and Makeup by Wild Ivory

Later on that week; Lavender May, Wild Ivory, Antonio and Tam from Candy Nail Bar decided to head out of the city and go to a country fair in Brome. The day was lots of fun, filled with appreciative stares and the occasional odd one! Of course these girls can't go anywhere without being 150% pinup and they caused a minor commotion; frequently stopping for photos & chit-chat. It was a really fun day filled with cotton candy, laughs, friendship and of course lots of carousel!  

On a final note; now that I've gotten all the fluffy pleasant stuff out of the way, I'd like to say that today is an exceptionally hard day for many people and I wish everyone peace, happiness and condolences for those lost. It's not everyday that something shakes the entire world for generations to come and we should take a moment to appreciate the people still in our lives; the good and the bad, because they're part of our journey and they help get us where we need to be. 


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