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Monday, October 15, 2012

Madria Dulce Visits the Studio

Last Friday, the lovely Madria visited our studio to model my chain lingerie - which I made by hand at the studio. The piece is rather revealing (to put it lightly) and requires a woman with body confidence - when Madria walked in the studio for our Madria Latex Party (for Fetish Weekend) she took one look at it and told us: "I'm shooting in that" - I knew I had found my model. Many amazing women have since let me know they want to shoot in it too, but I had promised Madria she'd be first! 

The piece is now part of our permanent collection and is hugely inspired by Agent Provocateur. It features over 10 meters of pearls, 10 meters of chain and a lovely white shimmy skirt adorned with pearls once again.

Madria, of course, is a fantastic model who knows exactly what she likes and doesn't like - which makes photographing her a breeze. We had a full set in under 20 minutes!
A lovely young woman full of talent - check her out HERE

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