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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sweet on Erase Paste

Paste for the Pasty

Presenting Benefit's Erase Paste
Where to find it: Pharmaprix, High-end pharmacies
Use: Cover-up
Ease of use: Easy - to mess up!
Smell: Subtle makeup smell
Packaging: Hot Purple and pink with retro lettering
Price: Around 30$ - 40$

I initially tried this out based on a recommendation by a client, I was wishing out loud for an even colour-corrector that was easy and fast to use. She pulled out "Erase Paste" and I fell in love. I won't lie to you - the application can be tricky and though it is very thick and feels like you're applying sludge to the bags under your eyes - it's freaking fantastic! The best approach is to pat on very small amounts directly with your finger to all those troublesome red spots and under-eye darkness. If the colour match isn't exact - don't fret - you'll cover it up with your powder foundation creating a porcelain effect that is actually quite comfortable and beautiful. I have ridiculously sensitive skin and right away I was dreading the effect this product would have on my face, yet I was pleasantly surprised by absolutely zero irritation. Benefit is notorious for creating fun and useful beauty products (they had me at their retro packaging) - and I am thrilled to share this one with you. I combine Erase Paste with their powder foundation "Hello Flawless" for a fast and complete porcelain base for my makeup. A word of warning though - go easy on the paste, make sure not to cake it on, only apply it where needed in gentle patting motions... otherwise you'll have a caked mess to deal with! By my calculations, using the paste for my eyes, nose, chin and occasional red spots every day I'll have enough in the little jar for about 6-8 months. I'd say it's a good buy!

Final word: Buy it now!

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