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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Who has the right to be tattooed?

I had an interesting encounter this morning at Tim Hortons. Granted, I was wearing my unicorn jammies and yesterday's makeup (don't judge me) and probably looked a little derelict.

 I also may or may not have assaulted a stranger with a GOT reference which he totally did not get. (he looked EXACTLY like Jon Snow and when he couldn't get his damn order straight I started laughing and shouted: "you know nothing, Jon Snow!!")

The dude behind me got it, we high-fived. My life is awesome.

Anyway, an older gentleman was chatting with his friend and I was passing my time, waiting for my double-double, eavesdropping. (what else am I supposed to do, come on!) He said something really interesting: "I don't think big girls should get tattoos, it only looks good on thin young women"

Excuuuuuse you?

That has got to be one of the stupidest things I've ever heard. Yes, tattoos are meant to be ecstatically pleasing... to the person they're on. It's called choice. Granted, some people make stupid choices - but that's their damn prerogative. So shut your judgy mouth sir. Like, right now. I smiled and raised my coffee to him and strutted my unicorn-clad, tattooed, round, fiiine ass outta there. Tattoos are for those that want them, regardless of age, gender, size or race. 
The End. 

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