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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Zoofest & More!

As some of you might have noticed - I've been a pretty busy lady for the past few months! Not even any free time to blog! For those of you looking to book appointments I STRONGLY suggest you come in person to my studio: 16935 St-Denis, MTL (Berri-UQAM Metro) so that we can chat, look over the sets and see what you want to do. It's ALWAYS the fastest and easiest way to reach me as I pretty much live here in the closet with the vacuum and crackers.

These past few months have been booked with many projects, one of which was Speakeasy Burlesque's presentation of "The Sins of Reverend Morgan"(produced by myself, Lavender May and Isabel HL) for Zoofest and Just for Laughs! Honestly, it was a pretty amazing experience, seven crazy nights of burlesque, glitter and love. The whole festival was pretty amazing, skipping from show to show, haggling comedians and drinking beer, smoking cigarettes and eating MTL Pool Room hot dogs in the park with my best girlfriends (and Frankie Lam) after working 16 hour days. Here's the teaser Frank Lam put together - all of it filmed in Lavender May's living room on green screen:

Speakeasy Burlesque : Les péchés du Révérend Morgan - Teaser 2 from Speakeasy Burlesque on Vimeo.

Besides Zoofest; I've been going pretty hard with the daily shoots, an average of 3 to 6 shoots a day! All you ladies (and gents too) have been pretty fabulous and seriously chill. I appreciate all the love.

I've also started working on refurbishing and creating burlesque costumes and lingerie. This girl loves her some Swarovski. Take a look and follow me on Instagram!

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