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Monday, August 12, 2013

Tiki Queens and Dracula's vixens!

We had a great set put together by myself and Kent from Kustom Designs, inspired by the great 1950's Pinups from Hawaii - complete with mermaid tail and Bettie Page bathing suits! I had the pleasure of photographing Sailor Jassie as our mermaid and the lovely Lou on the Rocks as our Tiki Queen!
Take a look:

Sadly, the set has been taken down and replaced by the Inferno Room (see below) but I'm sure due to popularity it will be back again next year!
We also have a very sexy and sensual set still up; we've based it on Lucy's loss of innocence in the garden from the film Dracula. Here's a still from the movie:

This set is great both in colour and black and white. Once again I got to photograph Lou on the Rocks in a gorgeous vintage powder blue bullet bra and garters! Meow!
I also had a great time doing my light test with Maman Gâteaux - check it out!

This set will be up until mid September - Stay tuned! We're bringing back an old favourite, Spiced up and full of glitter!

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