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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sailor Jassie & Lavender May Rock Our Pink Kustom Koffin

So, we were saving these photos for Halloween - but we got wind of another photographer planning to do a very similar thing and we realized we just couldn't wait. S(he)'s allowed to do it of course, and I'm sure it will be gorgeous - it always is. We just didn't want any threats and/or bitchy Facebook comments about being copied, since it was an idea we came up with for Kustom Koffins many months ago...

.... and monster movies since the beginning of time.
.... and about 1000 other model/photographers.

Fuck. Can't anyone have fun anymore without someone being stuck up about it?
Here are a few of the shots, (un) dressing Lavender May was pretty hilarious and Jassie is pretty frickin' amazing too. Enjoy!

Hair and makeup by Sailor Jassie, Photos: Marisa Parisella, Pink Coffin: Kustom Koffins

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