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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Montreal Fetish Weekend - A beginner's point of view

Sunday September 2nd we were invited to host a photo booth for Montreal Fetish Weekend's Steampunk Ball. The world of fetish is new to all of us (except Stef who is a regular fetish catwalk model both here and in Las Vegas) and we were pretty excited to attend this visual feast. 

If you would have asked me five years ago what I thought of fetishists I would have told you (with my very limited knowledge) about how they like to walk around naked and abuse each other. Since opening my photo studio though, I've had some pretty amazing fetish clients come through my life with eye-opening point of views. People tend to associate fetishism as a psychological problem that involves sexual desire for objects or situations... This is just not the case and it's unfair to throw everyone into the same basket. This is a genuine case of "don't judge a book by it's cover". Though fetishists may have enhanced sexual drives and turn ons out of character with social norms; it all really boils down to people who like to have a whole lot of fun.

As I witnessed, some fetishes are simple (attraction to: blondes, brunettes, thin, round or any other sort of physical attribute). Others are more complicated like: bondage, sensory deprivation and asphyxiation.  But in the end you can summarize what the event has to offer as: There's something for everyone.

Visually, I'm in love with the fetish scene. It's beautiful, creative (and so shiny)! People are open, without inhibitions but with respect to other's boundaries. I had an interesting conversation with a dominatrix about latex, her kids, and politics - She then asked me if I'd like to be spanked, to which I declined. We laughed and had a drink. THE END. No one forced me to do anything I didn't want to do (let's face it, I'm uptight when it comes to public displays of ANYTHING). No one was inappropriate towards me and EVERYONE was interesting, creative and amazing. I met latex designers who create incredible pieces for a living, Transvestites who run their own shows, Doms that moonlight as proffessionals during work hours, Lawyers, Artists, Models, etc... etc...
And what you must realize by now is that these are all highly functioning, intelligent and tax paying citizens- by the hundreds. I didn't see one person wearing an outfit costing less than a small fortune. Not one person that looked unhealthy, or on welfare. These are not the degenerates that our grandparents told you about. These people are quite frankly, amazing. My hat's off to them for doing what they love and bringing pleasure to themselves and others. A giant congratulations to Eric Pardis for organizing an incredible festival - Montreal Fetish Weekend will blow your mind! Also a big thank you to Kustom Koffins for suggesting us and supplying our amazing props! Kent, you rock!

 In the mean time, I've purchased my first pair of latex gloves from Madria Latex. Baby steps people! Baby Steps!

Here are a few shots from this crazy-fun night! xox

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