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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Introducing Sailor Jassie, Our New Makeup Artist!

"Passionate about all forms of art, I've decided to follow my true passion; makeup. I have been doing my own makeup ever since I started modeling and I have a lot of experience in that field. I am very creative, hardworking and extremely passionate about my work. I attended l'Academie Edith Serei in Montreal and graduated in March 2012." - Jassie

All I have to say is: she's pretty amazing; sweet, charismatic... and exceptionally talented. Jassie's also an accomplished model, hair stylist and a true animal lover. I'm very blessed to be surrounded by such an exceptional crew of women (and our handy-men boyfriends)! Every single day we create something new, have fun, laugh and (bitch) like a family. People walk in stressed and nervous and walk out like goddesses. EVERY TIME. Thank you ladies for making Glamour Montreal/Pinup Parties your home.

AND a big thank you to our clients who are patient and know the long wait is worth the experience. For those of you still looking to book please feel free to stop by the studio friday and saturday afternoons or message us through Facebook - We're backed up in call-backs so this is always your best bet!


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