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Monday, August 6, 2012


I went to see Wicked last friday night with a close friend who happens to LOVE musicals. I, however, usually want to hit someone in the face with a chair two numbers in. Musicals grate on my nerves and make me feel like a pretentious douche bag. Who the hell breaks into song.... for EVERYTHING? 

Ok, ok, I know I have to let myself enjoy the show and let go - usually I have to force myself to like it... except this time, I didn't have to force anything (I guess my friend knows me well, plus I suppose a mutual love of Oz didn't hurt!) I enjoyed it right from the very beginning. It was funny, entertaining, light hearted and had amazing special effects.

Both lovely actresses (Christine Dwyer and Jeanna de Waal) gave me goosebumps with their flawless voices and made pretty much everyone around me cry including this cute little asian girl sitting beside me who exclaimed for nearly everything; 
Singing: in tears with heavy sobs
Something nice happens: claps with joy, "yay!"
Something bad happens: "oh! oh no oh no oh no"!
and so on....
This, my friends, was a person that (probably, most definitely) religiously watches Glee. Normally I would find this annoying as fuck, but she was so endearing - she became part of the experience.

So, needless to say, Wicked is now #2 in my list of musicals I'd watch again (#1 being Rocky Horror) - #2 out of 2, not bad. Hell, I liked it so much I bought a hoodie and a keychain too.

You should check it out if you can get seats!

Here are some press photos for your enjoyment

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