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Monday, August 6, 2012

Speakeasy Burlesque - When the Dolls get Dirty!

Here are some snapshots of our last show courtesy Hugo Trottier, L'Abreuvoir, Sheryl Black and Argaive Anostro. This was by far our most fabulous and fun show... and as you'll see, things got a little messy. Special thanks to Madria Latex for Lavender May's fantastic latex outfit (Madria's one of a kind latex pieces will now be available at the studio for purchase)!

Mlle Oui Oui Encore

Dolly Darling

Lavender May

Lavender May (Abreuvoir)

Bittersweet Billie (Abreuvoir)

Lola Lizard


Cutest bartender EVER (Abreuvoir)

Lola Lizard and a portion of the crowd (Abreuvoir)

Stage Bunny Annabelle

BonBon Bombay

Dolly's Bunnies

Lavender May by Sheryl Black

Crowd by Sheryl Black

Kitty Kin-Evil

Rouge à Lèvres

Lovely ladies (Abreuvoir)

Lovely ladies (Abreuvoir)

Lola Lizard

Emerie and Sheryl Black

Lola Lizard and Bittersweet Billie

Crowd participation!

Dolly Darling and her bunnies

Bittersweet Billie

French Kiss and Rouge à Lèvres

The crowd prepared for a messy act....

Velma Candyass

Cherry Typhoon

Cherry Typhoon

Lavender May

BonBon Bombay

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