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Saturday, June 16, 2012

"They're Real!" - Really worth it!

Presenting Benefit "They're Real" Mascara 

Where to find it: Pharmaprix, Sephora
Use: Makeup
Ease of use: Super-duper easy
Smell: virtually none
Packaging: Silver & Retro
Price: Around 30$

I'm a fiend for mascara; I buy a new mascara to try out almost every week. Some are good, some really suck... but it's exceptionally rare that they are fantastic. This mascara is more than fantastic, it's exceptional. Yes, it's expensive but here's why: 
-Two coats usually does the job for a full and long lash look
-It dries fast but isn't clumpy
-Goes on silky & it's easy to work into the lashes
-The brush has wonderful bristles at the tip to go fill in bare areas precisely
-The black is very intense; perfect for pinup eyes

Cons: It's hell to remove (soap & water followed by makeup remover and you really have to scrub), not waterproof

Final word: Try it out, it's worth the cash! I'm so satisfied I'm using it at the studio!

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