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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Made in Germany worth its Weight in Gold for Metal Lovers

Rammstein, Made in Germany (best of & remixes)
Where to find it: iTunes, Renaud Bray, HMV, Archambault
Packaging: Steril white, simple
Price: Around 17.99$ for the 2 discs or 14.99$ for just the "best of"

I LOVE Rammstein. I have bought every single anything they've ever made. I think I have a very unhealthy schoolgirl crush on Till Lindemann.

So naturally I bought their "Best of" set including the remixes. There's not much to say about the CD, it's pretty much all their best songs except for maybe their cover of Das Model which is sadly missing and bück dich. For people who don't know the band, they're a German industrial metal band that made it big with their single Du Hast way back in 1996 though my favourite song is off their first album from 1995, Herzeleid and is entitled "Du Riechst So Gut" (which happily is on the best of CD).
As for the remix CD, I was expecting more of an industrial remix à la Rob Zombie's "American Made Music to Strip By" and was surprised by the Euro
Trash remixes that overload pretty much the whole album. However there are
some really good ones that make the album worth every penny including Sonne
remixed by Clawfinger. Check it out:

Final word: Buy it now, Totally worth it!

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