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Monday, March 12, 2012

Speakeasy Burlesque @ Abreuvoir

I have some photos to share with you from our Speakeasy Burlesque Night! We were very lucky to have such fabulous photographers in our midst documenting the night including: Hugo Trottier with stunning black and white photos, Argaive with his gorgeous ambient photography as well as Toma Iczkovits from with his knack for capturing just the right moment! Thank you gentlemen for providing us with these incredible images!

Velma's opening candle performance, Photo by Argaive

Velma and our contortionist by Hugo Trottier

Lavender May's cotton candy performance, Photo by Argaive

Exotic Bloom's sword performance, Photo by Argaive

Sucre à la Crème as the Bearded Lady by Hugo Trottier

Backstage Stage Kitten feet and my swollen twisted ankle in crutches! Yes, I managed to do that right before the show! Photo by Hugo Trottier

Delvida Douglas' Girl with One Eye performance, Photo by Argaive

Cherie Black Diamond by Hugo Trottier

Cherie Black Diamond's snake Charmer performance, Photo by Argaive

The lovely BonBon Bombay's Clown performance, Photo by Argaive

BonBon Bombay by Hugo Trottier

Backstage Gals, photo by Sheryl Black

Mlle Oui Oui Encore's Kitty Cat routine, Photo by Toma Iczkovits

Mlle Oui Oui Encore by Hugo Trottier

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Jay Lewis said...

Wish I was their !! Sorry i missed it!:(