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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Puppy Love

I know this has nothing to do with being glamorous but I know a lot of you out there are pet lovers so I thought I'd share some news.
We brought a new puppy home (after losing both our older boxers to cancer at 12 & 14 years old, our youngest was extremely lonely and mopey around the house) - Daisy is an 8 month old boxer (like Diesel)! She's as cute as a button & mischievous too! Though a little skinny we're fattening her up on B.A.R.F. - It's short for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food. This does wonders for your dog both inside and out. (You can read more about it HERE) and if you know the right people it's not only better than kibble food but CHEAPER too.
I buy mine from McCormack in Verdun... It costs about 1$/brick which depending on the size of your dog (medium/large breed = 1 brick) will be sufficient for one meal. The owner is an adorable man (Paul Ouellette) who knows his meats, he also supplies restaurants like Moishe's and started making BARF to feed his herd of Great Danes. Since they make it for themselves and the few people who know about it they don't always have it in great supply so it's always best to call ahead of time and reserve. I recommend this to anyone looking to prolong their pet's life and health!

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