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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bridal Boudoir Affair

I spent my Sunday afternoon with my good friend Élisa - who insisted on going to the Bridal Boudoir Affair at the Hyatt here in Montreal. I have to confess, I am NOT a fan of the crazy bridal fever but I DO love checking out flower arrangements and decor ideas. The event is fabulously chic and exclusive - so the companies exposing are giving their 150%. I found some really cool things....

First; Red Sofa Jewellery by Joanna Szkiela. Holy moly gorgeous! It's raw, natural and feminine. She had some pretty amazing pieces that unfortunately are not on her etsy shop - but hopefully will be up for grabs soon! Her inspired pieces are large and make SUCH a statement.
Second; Joe's Prop House - Just marry me already! Henry XV chairs in hot pink? Need I say more? Chic to tacky all in one place - I'm in love.
Third; Charlotte Hosten fashion jewellery. Fun, interesting and hot!
Lastly, the Jenny Packham off the shoulder number. HOT! We were watching the fashion show and I was pretty unfazed by the super stylized numbers walking/tripping down the isle.... Except when this little number walked out. I got all dreamy eyed and fell in love on the spot. I must own this dress.
Speaking of tripping down the isle; I do not understand why the models are required to have the expression I like to call "Zombie Chic". There - I said it! What the F is wrong with smiling? Lifting your dress so you don't trip (and look like a fool)? Having fun? Are we so pretentious as to WANT to view these girls as sub-human walking dress mannequins? I WANT to see the flirty, fun girl that I could be in that dress; not an expressionless tripping empty shell. To be fair, all these girls are gorgeous and I'm sure in person they are bubbly and fun and would logically pick up a dress that was too long for them - they have just been required to become empty husks on stage. Such a shame - it removes the focus from the beauty of the piece to wether the girl will fall or not!

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