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Monday, January 2, 2012

Photo Shoot Preparation Revised!

It happens a lot at the studio that women walk in totally unprepared for shoots - even after consultations. It can be stressful, especially if it's you're first time being shot. The thing is, there's nothing to worry about! We're pretty relaxed at the studio, accepting of all body types, styles and orientations - you can be yourself here and we'll help you look your best. I've made a list before of things you need to do in preparation for your photo shoot but I'm going to go over some points again with a few added/ revised details.

-Arrive with clean & dry hair, preferably washed the night before. This makes styling easier and your pin-curls will hold a million times better. Don't forget to do your roots otherwise we'll style your hair to hide them.
-Do your nails, even just a clear coat makes a big difference! Don't know what colour to do? Red or black are always safe bets.
-BRING NUDE NYLONS! No one believes me, but nude nylons make your legs look like they've been photoshopped to perfection, they lift your bum and hide cellulite. It's a no-brainer.
- Shave, moisturize, pluck - SO important. All these little details show in high-resolution!
-When looking for inspiration look at models YOUR SIZE. Some people find me harsh for this, but it's a little silly to be ignorant of your figure. I'm a plus size woman myself (That's me in the photo below). Sexy is in the attitude, not necessarily in the wardrobe (or lack thereof). Just ask us for help, we'll sort you out!
-Always bring backup underwear, bras, shoes and outfits and even makeup - better safe than sorry, I can't stress that enough!
-LET YOURSELF LAUGH! Feel like a big goof? Just laugh it out, often photos taken in these moments are more sincere and beautiful. I see girls try to hold their emotions in and we go through a couple photos with a pinched smile. Dude, just laugh! It's ok, I'll even laugh with you - I'm a big goof too. Plus, you'll feel way more relaxed and we can get back to the boudoir eyes with significantly less coaching. The trick is: don't over-think anything, I'm there to re-position you and remind you to point your toes and suck it in. I'll do ALL the worrying for you; Just enjoy being pampered, enjoy the music, enjoy how hot you look - just BE. I'll do all the rest.

See those hot-mamma cellulite-free legs up there? That's nude nylons, not photoshop ;)

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