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Friday, January 13, 2012

The Year 2011

I love numbers and details, I literally keep track of everything – I thought I’d share some funny and interesting facts about our studio in 2011

Best Laugh: Kitty Kin-Evil – her laugh is so contagious it’s crazy! Followed very closely by Kim Brazeau! You girls can come laugh with us any time!

Traveled the farthest: Acid Doll

Number of foreign countries clients have traveled from: 7

Number of times we've been featured (to our knowledge) in Magazines, blogs and reviews: 19

TV Shows filmed at the studio: 1 (Opération Séduction)

Best Party: Opening party – it was a little wild!

Item we couldn’t keep in stock: Steel Boned Cherry Corset @ 50$

Number of set changes: 8

Most successful set: “Hilary Jane” Black on Black based on the artwork by Montreal tattoo artist Hilary Jane

Most Creative Adaptation of the set: The always fantastic Velma Candyass

Funniest client feed-back: “You could direct a mule on how to wear high heels”

Most rewarding client feed-back: “You made me feel sexy… and I’m not even showing any skin! Chatting with your staff and you being so easy-going just made me confident and feel HOT! THANK YOU!”

Client repeats: 52

Clients that became employees: 2

Client with the most intense makeup: Betty Rocket for our sugar skull (all that lace was hand painted by Marie-Sophie!)

Model with the most tattoo coverage: Athena

Thing that clients love the most about us: We’re easy-going and helpful… giving you gorgeous photos, hair and makeup.

Thing that aggravates clients the most: Hard to get a hold of due to high volume of calls, bookings and shoots. We’re so sorry! If you don’t hear from us within 24H of a phone call please email us at:

Client with the hottest nails: Sunny DeVille (also has the sweetest personality and some rockin' lips!)

Burlesque Performer we’ve shot the most: Mlle Oui Oui Encore from Bluelight Burlesque – Always a pleasure and looking forward to shooting you for years to come.

Wildest Pinup Party: School teachers (you know who you are!) We love you guys!

Most adorable French Maid: Emery

Favourite Drag-Queen Transformation: Rick Escaravage (into Marie-Antoinette)

Biggest Hair: Meg

Best Hair: Kitty Kin-Evil (Stunning royal blue, mauve and black) Runner-up: Maude with gorgeous pink, black and turquoise hair.

Craziest set prop: Taxidermy bats and stag horn head-band for the Jane set

Prop that all women use but will never tell you about: Whip

Number of clients that don’t believe me about the nude nylon thing: 22
Number of clients that weren’t convinced after their light test with the nylons: 0
Number of clients that flat out refused to wear nylons because it made them think of a grand-ma: 2

Stupidest pose: Duck-Face self-portraits – STOP IT! You look like a fool!

Best Vintage Love Costume: Candyland corset with glitter top, garters and cupcake hat…. Followed by pretty much everything else she’s ever made, the woman has talent!

Number of times clients wanted at least one shot with Diesel (the studio boxer dog): 112

Fur Babies at the Studio: Diesel and Jazz (Marisa’s Boxers), Chocolat (Marie-Sophie’s Pink Nosed Pit Bull), Billy (Eve’s Jack Russell Terrier) – If you’re afraid or allergic to dogs please let us know and well make sure the studio is dog free for your shoot.

Photo that all clients LOVE/want to re-create: Vintage Love on the carpet with the cream phone or Morxia Marla with the ballet slippers and carousel horse

Chameleon Model: Marie-Sophie Rondeau, as always!

Model with zero experience that rocked it out: Niko

Set we’ll miss the most: Candyland, mostly because it was pink and fun to eat

Number of times Jason (boyfriend, handyman, carrier of heavy objects) cursed my name because of set building/shopping: Unsure, but we’re going to say at least 100

Best Convention: Bike and Tattoo Laval – all the ladies were wearing our corsets by the end of Saturday night!

Best Festival: Burlesque Festival mostly for getting tipsy with Marie-Sophie, Stef Porter, and Mali Siri . Really looking forward to the 2012 festival in Quebec City put on by Cherie Black Diamond, this time we’ll add Cléo to the mix and it will be perfect!

Biggest Stink-Fest: Being discouraged to attend a music festival because another photographer at the event might (and I quote) "freak out"… I guess it means you’re doing well when photographers who don’t even do the same style fear of your presence – In the end, we went to the festival anyway, listened to good music, danced, said hello, were really sociable and had a good time.

Number of flowers purchased at IKEA for sets/costumes: 110

Favorite start-to finish transformation: Claudine

Funniest photo shoot: Marc’s “Man-Up” Christmas set… Funny mostly because he got so into character with Marie-Sophie’s help and that costume was way too tight! Merci Marc, t’est le meilleur! Runner up: Lora's Mrs. Edna

Most humbling experience: Photographing a woman with terminal cancer who had never taken any photos of herself because she always figured she’s do it “later” when she lost 10 pounds… Never knowing that time might be running out. Finally she decided to do it NOW before she lost all her hair and strength. She was the perfect example of female perseverance and power – together we were able to capture both that and her beauty, frozen in time. We were very touched by her story and we send her love every day.

Thank you everyone, especially those not mentioned for a very memorable 2011. Looking forward to seeing you in the year 2012! We have a ton of great sets in store for you! Best wishes and tons of love


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