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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Standard Sets!

Many people ask us what our sets look like - though we work primarily with photoshop to create cool backdrops, we do have some standards - here they are some examples (missing from photos: retro staircase, Tiki balcony, makeup room):

Candy Stripped wallpaper

Gold Leaf Drapes

Pink Decadent Housewife

Brick Wall

Dark lounge area

Damask wall

Light & Feminine Sitting Area

Shag Carpet

Red Damask Drapes

Paper Backdrops: Black, White, Pink, Yellow, Blue, Red, Grey and Green

I'd also like to note that we do many on-location shoots, so if you have a spot you'd really love to be photographed at, don't be shy! We also build sets, depending on your request and hold monthly specials with a new design each month!

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