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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lash Blast lives up to it's name...

Presenting Cover Girl's Lash Blast Fusion
Where to find it: Any Pharmacy
Use: Mascara
Ease of use: Easy Peasy!
Smell: Subtle makeup smell
Packaging: Hot Purple (love it!)
Price: Around 9$

I'm always looking for new makeup products, even if I tend to stick to M.A.C. products. Every now and then a cheaper brand will surprise me - like Cover Girl's Lash Blast Fusion. Not only is it my favourite colour (packaging really impresses me for some reason) but the product really performs! Boasting a volume, lengthening AND waterproof formula (which usually means clumpy-ness or one feature out-performing the other). This mascara though has a really fat brush that allows just the right amount of mascara to be rolled on and spread to the tips of your lashes. At first I found it a bit awkward with such a large brush but it really gave me the volume and length I was looking for. After a few test rounds I can say that the waterproof formula really outdoes itself - holding on even after hurricane rain storms and a shower! I'm super satisfied with my purchase and I'm going to bring this product into the studio to replace our current M.A.C. mascara (yeah, it's that good!)

Final word: Buy it now!

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