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Sunday, June 12, 2011

This Album is Called: Awesome!

Presenting: Brothers by the Black Keys
Where to find it: iTunes, Renaud Bray, Archambault, HMV etc...
Use: Music
Ease of use: Easy!
Packaging: Cool & the CD itself has a feature activated by heat
Price: Around 10$ - 16$

I have to say, I've always enjoyed the black keys, but I've never bought their album - just a song or two here and there. Last week I heard yet another song I loved off the radio and decided I'd had enough, I was going to support these guys and buy their album! I seriously do not regret it and am kind of wondering why I didn't do it sooner. The music is the perfect blend of 70's rock and modern blues - very smooth and fills a room with a real sexy ambiance. The lyrics are textbook: love, lust, heartbreak and revenge. There's definitely something for everyone in this album, I recommend it strongly.

Bottom Line: BUY IT NOW!
Check out my favourite song from the album so far (The video is made to look like a Grindhouse film):

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