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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sublime? Maybe...

Presenting L'Oréal's "Sublime Mousse"
Where to find it: Any Pharmacy
Use: Hair Dye
Ease of use: Moderate
Smell: Strong yet Sweet
Packaging: Steril but Attractive
Price: Around 10$

I have dark brown/black hair with crazy natural red and light brown streaks & in the summer it's worse - So I choose to regularly dye my hair black. I usually use L'Oreal Préférence in Black but I thought I'd try out something new & I figured the mousse would probably give me better application since I always seem to run out of the gel/goo/liquid that Préférence provides. The application was strange, the mousse comes out in varying shades which makes you wonder if you shook the bottle enough - trust me, I shook the damn thing for a minute, it's just how the product is! Also the packaging gives the impression you'll be dealing with a pump - unfortunately it's still that squeeze bottle crap that gets dye everywhere when you put it down. I have to say though, the application was significantly smoother and gave way more coverage than I'm use to. I am very happy with the result & will probably try it again in the future.
*Dye on your forehead? Use a damp towel and some Sunlight dish soap to scrub it away.

Final word: Worth a try!

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